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CHAPTER 3: Working with the Nokia Qt SDK
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Figure 10-5. You enter most of the information required for a simple web part on the General tab of the Spreadsheet Add-in.
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The ID is the unique ID of the record and the Modified On column has the date and timestamp of when the record was exported. The Checksum column is an internal code that Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses to determine whether the record has been edited since it was exported. You cannot edit any of these columns because the Excel sheet is protected, but you should know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses them when re-importing records. If necessary you can disable the Excel sheet protection in Excel 2010 by clicking File in the Ribbon and then clicking Info. Under Permissions, click the Unprotect links to disable the worksheet protection. Column A includes the GUID for a record, and you can use this GUID to link imported records in your source file. You might want to use this technique when you have a large number of records with common values that might fail during an import because the lookup values aren t unique. The GUID is a 32-digit hexadecimal number in the query string.
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To create custom layouts for your various levels of slides, on the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Slide Master. In the Overview pane on the left, you will see the built-in layouts that you can apply to your slides. You can add any custom layouts here that you want, and as always, the best place to begin is with the most important slides in the presentation.
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PPP payload (IP datagram) PPP frame L2TP frame
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Contents 30.1 Design Tools
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even have a chiastic relationship between the letters. As an example of a chiastic relationship in mathematics, recall the arithmetic sequence I described in the last chapter: 1, 2, 3, . . ., n. To calculate the sum of the elements, you make n/2 pairs based on a chiastic relationship (1 + n, 2 + n 1, 3 + n 2, and so on). The sum of each pair is always 1 + n; therefore, the total sum of the arithmetic sequence is (1 + n) * n / 2 = (n + n2) / 2. Similarly, the relationship between the tables speci ed in the FROM clause and the ON clauses must be chiastic for the query to be valid. That is, the rst ON clause can refer only to the two tables immediately above it. The second ON clause can refer to the previously referenced tables and to an additional one right above them and so on. Figure 7-5 illustrates the chiastic relationship maintained in the last query. The code in the gure was slightly rearranged for readability.
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Define precisely how First and Last elements are to be used in the project coding standard, and use them consistently Using InvalidFirst, First, and Last elements in enumerations can make array declarations and loops more readable. But it has the potential to create confusion about whether the valid entries in the enumeration begin at 0 or 1 and whether the first and last elements of the enumeration are valid. If this technique is used, the project s coding standard should require that InvalidFirst, First, and Last elements be used consistently in all enumerations to reduce errors. Beware of pitfalls of assigning explicit values to elements of an enumeration Some languages allow you to assign specific values to elements within an enumeration, as shown in the C++ example below:
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Table 13-1: Properties of the WebMethod Attribute Property Description to the standard TransactionOption enumeration you select: either it does not require a transaction or it must be the root of a new transaction. The following code snippet shows how to set a few method attributes: [WebService( Namespace="xmlnet/cs/0735618011", Name="Northwind Sales Report Web Service", Description="The Northwind Sales Report Web Service")] public class SalesReportWebService : WebService { [WebMethod(CacheDuration=60, Description="Returns sales for the specified year")] public DataSet GetSalesReport(int theYear) { } Don't be fooled by appearances: attributes must be strongly typed in the declaration. In other words, the value you assign to CacheDuration must be a true number and not a quoted string containing a number. This is a general rule for attributes in the .NET Framework not a peculiarity of Web services. Transactional Methods The behavior of a Web service method in the COM+ environment deserves a bit of attention. The inherent reliance of Web services on HTTP inevitably prevents them from being enlisted in running transactions; in the case of a rollback, it would be difficult to track and cancel performed operations. For this reason, a Web method can do either of two things: it can work in nontransacted mode, or it can start a nondistributed transaction. For consistency, the TransactionOption property of the WebMethod attribute takes values from the .NET Framework's TransactionOption enumeration. The behavior of some of the values in this enumeration, however, is different from what their names suggest. In particular, the Disabled, NotSupported, and Supported values from the TransactionOption enumeration always cause the method to execute without a transaction. Both Required and RequiresNew, on the other hand, create a new transaction. Note When a transactional method throws an exception or an externally thrown exception is not handled, the transaction automatically aborts. If no exceptions occur, the transaction automatically commits at the end of the method being called.
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Case Scenario 2: Troubleshooting
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putting data where it wasn t supposed to be. This creates a buffer over ow. Buffer w over ow is a generic term for exploits that load executable code into areas that are supposed to contain only data and then jump program execution into that code by overloading heaps, stacks, and other memory pools. For example, if your e-mail
C Example of Parameter Passing That Won t Work
When you share a record with a team or user, child entities of the shared record inherit the same sharing settings as the parent record. In the Woodgrove Bank example, Gretchen and Heidi can edit the Account record and its related entities, such as Tasks, Phone Calls, and Notes, because they inherit the same share as their parent record. A record with inherited sharing privileges can also have its own sets of sharing privileges. and Microsoft Dynamics CRM maintains two different sets of sharing privileges for the record. More Info For shared records (directly shared or inherited), users receive only the shared
[Conditional("TEST")][Conditional("VERIFY")] public sealed class CondAttribute : Attribute { } [Cond] public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("CondAttribute is {0}applied to Program type.", Attribute.IsDefined(typeof(Program), typeof(CondAttribute)) "" : "not "); } }
GC.Collect(); GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers(); GC.Collect();
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