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Destination IP address Destination subnet mask Protocol Any
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Destructors are the C# equivalent of Java finalizers. To implement a finalizer in Java, a class overrides the java.lang.Object.Finalize method. In C#, a destructor is a method with a name equal to the class name, preceded by a tilde (~). Destructors are used by the garbage collector to allow the CLR to reclaim resources. The following example demonstrates the declaration of a destructor:
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USE tempdb; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Arrays') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Arrays;
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If you simply enter an FTP address or click an FTP link, Internet Explorer attempts to log you on with anonymous access, using no credentials. To use Internet Explorer to connect to an FTP server that requires a user name and password, you can include your logon information in the Address bar, like this:
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Furthermore, be aware of the fact that you have no control over when the Finalize method will execute . Finalize methods run when a garbage collection occurs, which may happen when your application requests more memory . Also, the CLR doesn t make any guarantees as to the order in which Finalize methods are called, so you should avoid writing a Finalize method that accesses other objects whose type defines a Finalize method; those other objects could have been finalized already . However, it is perfectly OK to access value type instances or reference type objects that do not define a Finalize method . You also need to be careful when calling static methods because these methods can internally access objects that have been finalized, causing the behavior of the static method to become unpredictable .
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chapter, but we'll begin by presenting a high-level comparison of the keywords available in both languages.
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using Microsoft; // Try prepending "Microsoft." using Wintellect; // Try prepending "Wintellect." // Define WintellectWidget symbol as an alias to Wintellect.Widget using WintellectWidget = Wintellect.Widget; public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { WintellectWidget w = new WintellectWidget(); // No error now } }
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13. Unusual Data Types
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Lesson 5: Configuring Packet Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-68
A. Incorrect: The language abbreviation must come before the .resx extension. B. Correct: The default language extension should not have a language extension. This
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UPDATE T1 SET datacol = 'AA' WHERE keycol = 1;
Understanding the exception mechanism is certainly important; equally important is understanding 322
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