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Installing Joomla!
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1. What does the local host use to determine the destination network ID of a partic ular packet a. The IP header b. The subnet mask c. The address class
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int HandleMessage(message)
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The pie chart is adjusted to the location and perspective of the graphical podium . The angle of the first slice (North) was set to 320 , so that the distribution and positioning of all 10 possible slices essentially correspond to the cardinal points of the compass (North, South, East, and West) . The pie chart has a slight pie explosion of 3 percent and the data label shows the category name and percentage . Of course, the colors here must correspond to the colors of the four column charts .
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user-configurable claims transformation rules
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Base Class Libraries
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Hyper-V uses a pair of synthetic IDE controllers for hard disks and DVD drives by default. You must use an IDE for the boot hard disk the synthetic SCSI controller won t have drivers available in the operating system until after the Integration Services are installed. If you re familiar with the IDE controller in Virtual Server 2005, you ll know that it was slow and only supported hard disks up to 127 GB. We quickly learned to use Virtual Server s SCSI controller and oppy disk to load the drivers during installation, greatly speeding up the process. But that workaround is no longer necessary. The new IDE controller in Hyper-V has full LBA-48 support, and it s much faster than the old Virtual Server one. Before you can add additional disks and connect them to a SCSI controller, you need to add the SCSI controller. By default, a new VM doesn t include a SCSI controller. When you add the controller, you can also add one or more disks to the controller.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Partial Class PasswordCheckTestVb Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Protected Sub CheckBoxPassStrengthOn_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CheckBoxPassStrengthOn.CheckedChanged If CheckBoxPassStrengthOn.Checked Then Dim passFunc As New StringBuilder() passFunc.Append("function CheckPassword() {") passFunc.Append("var passLen = document.forms[0].MainContent_ TextBoxPassword.value.length;") passFunc.Append(" if (passLen < 4) {") passFunc.Append(" document.getElementById(""passwordStrength"").") passFunc.Append("innerText = ""weak"";") passFunc.Append(" document.getElementById(""passwordStrength"").") passFunc.Append("style.color = ""red"";}") passFunc.Append(" else if (passLen < 6) {") passFunc.Append(" document.getElementById(""passwordStrength"").") passFunc.Append("innerText = ""medium"";") passFunc.Append(" document.getElementById(""passwordStrength"").") passFunc.Append("style.color = ""blue"";}") passFunc.Append(" else if (passLen > 9) {") passFunc.Append(" document.getElementById(""passwordStrength"").") passFunc.Append("innerText = ""strong"";") passFunc.Append(" document.getElementById(""passwordStrength"").") passFunc.Append("style.color = ""green"";}}") 'register the script Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me.GetType(), _ "CheckPasswordScript", passFunc.ToString(), True) 'add an event to the text box to call the script TextBoxPassword.Attributes.Add("onkeyup", "CheckPassword()") Else 'remove the event from the text box TextBoxPassword.Attributes.Remove("onkeyup") End If End Sub End Class
11.4 Informal Naming Conventions
Notice that the code-behind layout file is almost identical to the single-file web form; it s missing only the <script> section. All of the code from the <script> section was moved into the code-behind file.
Alternatively, you might want to calculate the product recommendations only using data from the orders that happened in the last n days. For this, you need an additional join with the orders table, which contains the date_created field. The following query calculates product recommendations based on orders placed in the past 30 days: SELECT product_id, name FROM product WHERE product_id IN ( SELECT od2.product_id FROM order_detail od1 JOIN order_detail od2 ON od1.order_id = od2.order_id JOIN orders o ON od1.order_id = o.order_id WHERE od1.product_id = 7 AND od2.product_id != 7 AND (NOW() - o.created_on) < 30 GROUP BY od2.product_id ORDER BY COUNT(od2.product_id) DESC LIMIT 5 ); We won t use this trick in HatShop, but it s worth keeping in mind as a possibility.
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