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FIGURE 5-14 Viewing the back of the image with a perspective transform.
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String s = new Employee { Name = Jeff , Age = 45 }.ToString().ToUpper();
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A VPN is the extension of a private network that encompasses links across shared or public networks such as the Internet. A VPN enables you to send data between two computers across a shared or public internetwork in a manner that emulates the properties of a point-to-point private link. In essence, it makes the remote com puter virtually part of the private network by making an encrypted tunnel through the public Internet. The act of configuring and creating a VPN is known as virtual private networking. To emulate a point-to-point link, data is encapsulated, or wrapped, with a header that provides routing information, allowing the data to traverse the shared or public
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Object Format String boolean
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Consider the image handler created in the previous example. We can rewrite that example to demonstrate asynchronous processing. You start by implementing the IHttpAsyncHandler interface. Remember, you write your code inside the BeginProcessRequest method. You must also include code for IsReusable, EndProcessRequest, and ProcessRequest. You can make the latter simply throw an exception if your handler is called in a synchronous way. Inside BeginProcessRequest, you create an instance of a class that implements the IAsyncResult interface. This custom class is where you put your code that is to be run on a separate thread. In the example code shown next, that is done inside the StartAsync method. Notice the call to ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem. This passes the name of the method (StartAsyncOperation) you want to run on a separate thread. When a thread becomes available, this method will execute. When it is finished, the method running on the separate thread invokes the callback delegate, which is of type AsyncCallback.
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7 Finding and Organizing Files and Information
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Table 4-1
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Customer PK custid companyname PK Product productid productname price Product -productid : int -productname : string -price : decimal +UpdatePrice() : decimal
FigURE 4-17 The MultiView and View control example webpage.
Although the definition of the table is hard to read, if it s well documented it won t be any harder to read than the code for the complicated chain of logic was. If the definition changes, the table will be much easier to maintain than the earlier logic would have been. Here are the performance results:
and least understood new feature in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 . In SQL Server 2008, one might argue that Service Broker still isn t well understood, but in the three intervening years, a wide variety of Service Broker applications have been built . Many of these take advantage of the reliable messaging aspects of Service Broker reliable event distribution, distributing content to local and remote Web sites; delivering banking transactions from branch banks to the main office; delivering point-of-sale (POS) transactions from remote stores to headquarters; real-time Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) for data warehouse applications; and so on . A surprising number of applications use Service Broker as an asynchronous task management system . For example, a large bank rehosted their nightly batch update routines written in Visual Basic as SQL common language runtime (CLR) stored procedures that executed tasks received from a Service Broker queue . This improved their batch update time from about eight hours to a few minutes . A large content management system uses Service Broker to reliably move content through the editing and approval workflow in the approval and publishing process . The combination of Service Broker to manage tasks reliably and transactionally with Database Mirroring for data reliability has allowed several companies to build highly reliable services with faster failover and lower cost than any other option available . A large IT organization even uses Service Broker s ability to send messages in both directions over a TCP/IP connection to provide secure paths through a one-way firewall . The large number and wide variety of Service Broker applications in production mean that Service Broker is a well-proven technology . Developers adopting a Service Broker solution no longer have to think of themselves as pioneers . Service Broker makes SQL Server a platform for building reliable, distributed, asynchronous applications . When combined with other SQL Server features such as CLR integration and the XML data type, SQL Server is a serious platform for building data-intensive services and applications . Service Broker is not just an application platform, however . Because of its asynchronous nature, Service Broker is also an ideal tool for making many database tasks simpler, more efficient, and more robust . In this chapter, I ll discuss the internal details of Service Broker and how it works, and I ll provide some compelling scenarios for using Service Broker in your database applications . I ll start with the key new feature of Service Broker, the dialog conversation .
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Lesson 1: Using DNS Troubleshooting Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-3
Myth: I don t need to worry if what I say doesn t match up with my slide. Truth: Research shows that people understand a multimedia presentation better when they do not have to split their attention between, and mentally integrate, multiple sources of information.
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