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Additional Relational Algebra Operators
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Throughout this training kit, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 family refer to the following family of products: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition; Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition. Specific editions of the Windows Server 2003 family will be called out as appropriate. (Although Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Web Edition is also part of the Windows Server 2003 family, Web Edition does not necessarily support the features dis cussed in this training kit.)
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
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In Windows Server 2003, the DHCP server includes a predefined user class named Default Routing And Remote Access class. Options within this class apply only to cli ents that request an address configuration while connecting to Routing And Remote Access. One such option that you are likely to see on the exam is 051 Lease. By configuring this option, you can assign shorter lease durations to your remote access clients than to your other DHCP clients.
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The AttributeUsageAttribute class offers two additional public properties that can optionally be set when the attribute is applied to an attribute type: AllowMultiple and Inherited. For most attributes, it makes no sense to apply them to a single target more than once. For example, nothing is gained by applying the Flags or Serializable attributes more than once to a single target. In fact, if you tried to compile the code below, the compiler would report the following: "error CS0579: Duplicate Flags attribute":
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es E-mail Manager Create Queue Item Wait 1 Day
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FIGURE 1-1 Programming and presentation models for the Web.
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The Pen class defines members that allow a great deal of control over how a line is drawn. Table 18-5 summarizes these members; consult the .NET documentation for more information.
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Figure 10.5 The Security dialog box.
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Creating the Web Part Page
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INSERT INTO HR.Employees (firstname,lastname,mgrid,title,titleofcourtesy, birthdate,hiredate,[address],city,country,phone) VALUES ('Michael','Entin',1,'','Mr.','19490101','20090401', '19 some lane','London','UK','n/a'), ('John','Chen',1,'','Mr.','19490201','20090401', '42 some street','London','UK','n/a'), ('Terry','Earls',1,'','Dr.','19490301','20090401', '35 some avenue','London','UK','n/a'); UPDATE HR.Employees SET firstname = 'Peter' WHERE firstname = 'Michael' AND lastname = 'Entin';
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First, an Int32 unboxed value type instance (v) is created on the stack and initialized to 5 . Then a variable (o) typed as Object is created, and is initialized to point to v . But because reference type variables must always point to objects in the heap, C# generated the proper IL code to box and store the address of the boxed copy of v in o . Now the value 123 is placed into the unboxed value type instance v; this has no effect on the boxed Int32 value, which keeps its value of 5 .
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FIGURE 25-17 The required fields on the Company Information page of TS Licensing
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