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You can also retrieve just the headers. This is useful if you re looking for a mail with a particular subject or a mail from a particular e-mail address. Whereas pop returns the entire mail (which could be up to many megabytes in size), header only returns the mail s header from the server. The following example deletes messages if their subject contains the word medicines: mail_server.mails.each do |m| m.delete if m.header =~ /Subject:.+ medicines\b/i end To build a rudimentary anti-spam filter, you could use a combination of the mail retrieval and deletion techniques to connect to your mail account and delete unwanted mails before your usual mail client ever sees them. Consider what you could achieve by downloading mail, passing it through several regular expressions, and then choosing to delete depending on what you match.
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Appendix A
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Inline arrays are typically used for scenarios that involve interoperating with unmanaged code where the unmanaged data structure also has an inline array . However, inline arrays can be used in other scenarios as well . The InlineArrayDemo method in the code shown earlier offers an example of how to use an inline array . The InlineArrayDemo method performs the same function as the StackallocDemo method; it just does it in a different way .
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using System; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Reflection; [assembly:CLSCompliant(true)] [Serializable] [DefaultMemberAttribute("Main")] class App { [Conditional("Debug")][Conditional("Release")] public void DoSomething() {} public App() { } [CLSCompliant(true)] [STAThread] public static void Main() { // Display the type s name. Console.WriteLine("Attributes applied to: {0}", typeof(App)); // Get and show the set of attributes applied to this type. ShowAttributes(typeof(App).GetCustomAttributes(false)); // Get the set of methods associated with the type. MemberInfo[] members = typeof(App).FindMembers( MemberTypes.Constructor | MemberTypes.Method, BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly | BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Static, Type.FilterName, "*"); foreach (MemberInfo member in members) { // Display the type s member name. Console.WriteLine("Attributes applied to: {0}", member.Name); // Get and show the set of attributes applied to this member. ShowAttributes(member.GetCustomAttributes(false)); } } public static void ShowAttributes(Object[] attributes) { foreach (Object attribute in attributes) { // Display the type of each applied attribute. Console.Write(" {0}", attribute.GetType().ToString()); if (attribute is ConditionalAttribute) Console.Write(" ({0})", ((ConditionalAttribute) attribute).ConditionString); if (attribute is CLSCompliantAttribute) Console.Write(" ({0})", ((CLSCompliantAttribute) attribute).IsCompliant); Console.WriteLine(); } if (attributes.Length == 0) Console.WriteLine(" No attributes applied to this target.");
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Can include a file attachment Works with campaign responses Tracks email opens Tracks hyperlinks clicked in the email message
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exec exec exec exec sp_trace_setevent sp_trace_setevent sp_trace_setevent sp_trace_setevent @traceid, @traceid, @traceid, @traceid, 41, 41, 41, 41, 12, @on; 13, @on; 6, @on; 14, @on;
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Your SqlDataSource markup should look similar to the following.
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Figure 6-4
17. Click Next. On the Connection Name page, type PPTPtoCorpnet in the
FIGURE 7-59 Restarting the Migration Wizard to do tasks skipped the first time
29. Integration
User Authentication
Installation and Initial Con guration
The type must be a class that is not sealed . You cannot use this technique for sealed classes or for value types (because value types are implicitly sealed) . In addition, you cannot use this technique for static methods since they cannot be overridden . There are efficiency problems here . A type is being defined just to override a method; this wastes a small amount of system resources . And, even if you do not want to override the behavior of OnNameChanging, the base class code still invokes a virtual method which simply does nothing but return . Also, ToUpper is called whether OnNameChanging accesses the argument passed to it or not .
9 . . Make the asynchronous call to GetAQuote . This is easy just call the QuotesServiceClient s BeginGetAQuote method from the Program class s Main method . Pass in the GetAQuoteCallback method you just wrote as the first parameter and the QuotesServiceClient object as the second parameter . Add a call to System.Console .ReadLine to pause the main thread so that the asynchronous call has time to execute .
The reason this has been split into two separate targets in the end-to-end build process is because the CleanAll target must be executed before the Get target, and the CleanCompilationOutput target must be executed after it. One important thing to be aware of about the CallClean target is that rather than invoking the CoreCleanCompilationOutput target directly it uses the MSBuild task to call back into the TFSBuild.proj to execute it. This is done primarily to take advantage of the multiple processor
DoWork The method that you register with this event should contain the compute-
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