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<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" TypeName="Shipper" SelectMethod="GetAllShippers"> </asp:ObjectDataSource>
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script: Contains scripts and command-line tools that are used in constructing and deploying Rails applications. console is an irb-like tool that preloads your Rails application s environment before giving you a prompt. generate is a script that can generate certain types of Rails code for you from templates. server is used to run a basic HTTP server you can use to access your application from a web browser on your local network. The other scripts will not be of immediate use, and can be ignored. test: Contains the test subsystems for a Rails application. This folder is covered in more detail later in this chapter in the Testing section. tmp: Temporary storage area for data created and used by your Rails application (including cache and session files). vendor: Used for storing versions of the Rails framework that your application is bound to, as well as plugins (under the vendor/plugins directory).
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FIGURE 11-2 Constant Scan enumerating partitions in SQL Server 2005
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The compiler turns that into a class that logically looks like this:
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The BookFinder Web Part
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C# s partial methods feature allows you the option of overriding the behavior or a type while fixing the aforementioned problems . The code below uses partial methods to accomplish the same semantic as the previous code:
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The following code demonstrates how to have a thread pool thread call a method asynchronously:
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Worker Thread n
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Logical reads 4262 Physical reads 70 Read-ahead reads 4099 CPU time 202 ms Elapsed time 2732 ms Estimated subtree cost 4.68131
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public class RequiredTextBoxDesigner : ControlDesigner { public RequiredTextBoxDesigner() { } public override string GetDesignTimeHtml() { RequiredTextBox rtb = (RequiredTextBox) Component;
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using System; using System.Diagnostics; public class EventLoglListener { public static void Main() { // Create the EventLog instance and open the // "Application" log EventLog log = new EventLog("Application", ".", "testapp");
This generates the following output:
Watching Pictures and Videos
Note Later in the book, you ll also create the administrative part of the web site, often referred to as the
You will often need to support AJAX in a user control you write or directly in the master page of a site. This presents an issue, because a page can contain only a single ScriptManager control. Having one inside your user control and another inside the page that consumes the user control, for example, would be a problem. To overcome this issue, you can use the ScriptManagerProxy control. The ScriptManagerProxy control can be used either by child pages that use a master page that already defines a ScriptManager control or by user and custom controls that you write. You use it much the same way you would a ScriptManager control. You can register scripts that are specific to the child page or control that you are writing. ASP.NET takes care of the rest.
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