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As mentioned earlier, you can use SELECT INTO with temporary tables but not with table variables . With table variables you have to use INSERT SELECT instead . Prior to SQL Server 2008, INSERT SELECT involved more logging than SELECT INTO . This was true even with the reduced logging that happens with inserts against objects in tempdb . SQL Server 2008 adds the INSERT SELECT statement to the list of insertion methods that can be performed in a minimally logged mode, just like SELECT INTO .
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5. In the dialog box on the upper right of the screen, you see that you can also set up a Quick Access Toolbar as a default Excel 2007 document and also assign certain workbooks to your own specific toolbars in this way .
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The simple Address POJO follows the basic well-known JavaBean conventions, private fields exposed via getters and setters. That s the easy part; of paramount importance to how Hibernate manipulates persistent objects is the implementation of the equals and hashCode methods. The implementation of these methods is not a Hibernate-specific requirement, but it should be part of any Java business object. In their book Hibernate in Action (Manning, 2005), Bauer and King go the distance explaining the difference between object equality, object identity, and database identity. They promote the use of business key equality when implementing the equals method by using a business property or set of properties that are unique to a table row. In the case of the Address POJO the combination of StreetAddress, State, ZipCode, City and AptNumber fields identify a unique address as shown in Listing 4-1. Listing 4-1. Address POJO package com.integrallis.TechConf.domain; import org.apache.commons.lang.builder.EqualsBuilder; import org.apache.commons.lang.builder.HashCodeBuilder; import org.apache.commons.lang.builder.ToStringBuilder; public class Address implements Serializable { // primary key private Integer id; // fields private String private String private String private String private String
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Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Procedure Proc2, Line 4 Invalid column name 'col2'.
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Extending and Customizing Dynamic Data
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Retention Policy
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Two network hubs or Layer 2 switches One operating system compact disc for Windows Server 2003, Enterprise
Having an index on the sort columns, especially if it's a covering one like I created for this purpose, allows for an optimal plan where only the relevant page of rows is scanned within the index in order. You can see this by running the following stored procedure and examining the plan shown in Figure 7-10: EXEC dbo.usp_firstpage;
Change CA Configuration Logs any attempts to modify CA configuration, including
modem and the rewall, where low-security devices such as wireless access points can be placed.
Contains a single entry if this module identifies an assembly . The entry includes the assembly s name (without path and extension), version (major, minor, build, and revision), culture, flags, hash algorithm, and the publisher s public key (which can be null) . Contains one entry for each PE and resource file that is part of the assembly (except the file containing the manifest since it appears as the single entry in the AssemblyDef table) . The entry includes the file s name and extension (without path), hash value, and flags . If this assembly consists only of its own file, the FileDef table has no entries . Contains one entry for each resource that is part of the assembly . The entry includes the resource s name, flags (public if visible outside the assembly and private otherwise), and an index into the FileDef table indicating the file that contains the resource file or stream . If the resource isn t a stand-alone file (such as .jpg or a .gif), the resource is a stream contained within a PE file . For an embedded resource, the entry also includes an offset indicating the start of the resource stream within the PE file . Contains one entry for each public type exported from all of the assembly s PE modules . The entry includes the type s name, an index into the FileDef table (indicating which of this assembly s files implements the type), and an index into the TypeDef table . Note: To save file space, types exported from the file containing the manifest are not repeated in this table because the type information is available using the metadata s TypeDef table .
Parental Controls, naturally, is designed to be used in a home environment, and is not really an appropriate way to restrict users on a corporate network . (Administrators of corporate networks can use group policy and other tools to place restrictions on employees of all ages and maturity levels .) For that reason, the Parental Controls feature is not included in the Business and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista . Similarly, when you join a computer running Windows Vista Ultimate to a domain a capability that is unavailable in the Home Basic and Home Premium editions Parental Controls disappears from Control Panel and the feature is no longer accessible . It s not uncommon, however, for a corporate network, such as one based on Windows Small Business Server, to be set up in a home . Small Business Server comes with many components and management tools (and an attractive price) that provide additional capabilities, greater security, and easier control of a larger home network . (If you have more than about five computers, it s worth investigating .) If you re a leading-edge user with a domain network, does that mean you can t use Parental Controls Fortunately, if you use Windows Vista Ultimate edition, you can . To enable Parental Controls on a domain-joined Ultimate computer:
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