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SET STATISTICS IO ON; SELECT orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate, filler FROM dbo.Orders WHERE orderdate >= '20060101' AND orderdate < '20060201';
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Initiate project wide standards for compile-time settings Set a standard that requires everyone on your team to compile code using the same compiler settings. Otherwise, when you try to integrate code compiled by different people with different settings, you ll get a flood of error messages and an integration nightmare.
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Internet Explorer maintains a repository of shortcuts to your favorite websites in the Favorites folder within your user profile. Any time you discover a site that you know you ll want to return to, you can add a shortcut to that site to the Favorites folder. To return to a favorite site, select it from the Favorites menu, from the Favorites Center, or from the Favorites submenu of your Start menu (if you set your Start menu to display Favorites). We introduced the Favorites Center, which is new to Internet Explorer 7, at the beginning of this chapter. You can display your saved Favorites in the Favorites Center in any of the following ways:
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In the Basis 1 sheet (see Figure 11-6), the chart s data source is created by using compressing SUMIF formulas . This is unusual for two reasons: the formulas work in two different worksheets and use a variable totaling range .
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Spec Explorer and Windows 7 In the upcoming release of the Windows operating system, known as Windows 7, the problem of providing a new managed service account class in the Active Directory directory service for automatic password management and simplified Service Principal Name (SPN) management was addressed by a new feature: service accounts. The feature implements a rich set of APIs for management of this new type of account. Additionally, it supports security-related system functions such as account logons. The resulting test matrix of APIs, order of calls, and parameter permutations is very complex, so it is easy to miss test cases in traditional automation. Model-based testing was a good solution because account state and API calls could be easily represented by a finite state machine. There is a large selection of tools available for MBT. We chose Spec Explorer because of features such as C#-driven model development, integration with Visual Studio, and support for model slicing (using scenarios). A first model was created by using the example model shipped with Spec Explorer. Later the model was expanded by adding new states and transitions as well as additional parameter permutations. With Spec Explorer, you can add executable code as implementation of state transitions. Our model generated an XML file of test cases that could later be consumed by a traditional test execution engine. Applying MBT for service accounts was very successful. Tests generated using MBT gave us greater coverage with less testing effort. Also, the models were easily expandable. It also helped us find interesting design issues very early in the development cycle. One important lesson we learned is that, as a good modeling practice, we should start by modeling the most basic functionality and incrementally expand on it; this makes correction of modeling errors much easier. Following are some of the perspectives we gained by applying MBT versus traditional test design: MBT gives a different point of view on design of a feature. Tests are generated automatically with assurance of full coverage of the model in least steps. Extending the model is easy and takes advantage of previously generated tests. To me, using MBT was fun and a great learning experience. It was easy to understand the model and gave me confidence about the extent of my test coverage. Interesting bugs were also found including design bugs, input validation bugs, and scenario bugs. I'll definitely use MBT for my next feature. Sasha Hanganu, SDET, Windows Security
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Team Foundation Build
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{ ... }
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When calling this method, you pass the body of the try and finally block as callback methods whose prototypes match these two delegates respectively:
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CCriticalSection ( DWORD dwSpinCount = 4000 ) { InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount ( &m_CritSec dwSpinCount } ~CCriticalSection ( ) 527 , ) ;
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certificates for authorized users by enabling enrollment agent restrictions. You can limit the enrollment agent to a specific certificate template and to request certificates for specific security groups.
33.8 Characteristics That Don t Matter As Much As You Might Think
When the World Wide Web was born, creating even the simplest web page required learning the language of the Web: HTML. Since then, great strides in the power of web authoring software have been made with the availability of professional web editors such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage. These types of editors have made the creation and maintenance of a web site much easier by providing a graphical user interface for web construction and minimizing the amount of HTML coding required by the webmaster. Despite these advances, when a web site grows beyond a few simple pages, even these advanced editors begin to crack under the pressure. Maintaining a web feature as simple as a site map can quickly become a tedious affair, swallowing webmasters time and energy with every update. Other routine tasks, such as monitoring broken links, implementing a menu system, and adding a user forum, can make web site deployment a full-time job. Then there are broader challenges, such as ensuring that new content has a look and feel consistent with the rest of the site and providing web visitors a site search option. To solve these problems, large media publishers (e.g., TIME and Newsweek) turned to a special type of software called a content management system (CMS). The CMS application not only automated site content management, but also allowed nontechnical writers and journalists to contribute articles directly into the system via a custom user interface. This type of interface required no knowledge of HTML or other technical skills, minimizing the potential for problems or inconsistencies to be introduced into the publishing process. With the implementation of a CMS, most of the headaches of site management disappear. Features such as a site map and a site search will automatically update without the need for custom programming. Additional features such as forums, shopping carts, and picture galleries are either built in to the software or widely available as plug-ins. All
A view is a virtual table with the result of a stored query as its contents, which are derived each time you access the view.
In addition, each AppDomain has some assemblies loaded into it . AppDomain #1 (the default AppDomain) has three assemblies: MyApp .exe, TypeLib .dll, and System .dll . AppDomain #2 has two assemblies loaded into it: Wintellect .dll and System .dll . You ll notice that the System .dll assembly has been loaded into both AppDomains . If both AppDomains are using a single type from System .dll, both AppDomains will have a type object for the same type allocated in each loader heap; the memory for the type object is not shared by all of the AppDomains . Furthermore, as code in an AppDomain calls methods defined by a type, the method s Intermediate Language (IL) code is JIT-compiled, and the resulting native code is associated with each AppDomain; the code for the method is not shared by all AppDomains that call it . Not sharing the memory for the type objects or native code is wasteful . However, the whole purpose of AppDomains is to provide isolation; the CLR needs to be able to unload an AppDomain and free up all of its resources without adversely affecting any other AppDomain . Replicating the CLR data structures ensures that this is possible . It also ensures that a type used by multiple AppDomains has a set of static fields for each AppDomain .
This code generates the output shown in Table 8-1, where you can see the new identity values in the column KeyCol.
Figure 9.19 Positions of the files on the timeline.
cation protocol that allows for an arbitrary authentication method such as smart cards, token cards, or biometrics such as fingerprint scanners or retinal scanners. EAP is an IETF standard extension to PPP that allows for arbitrary authentication mechanisms for the validation of a PPP connection. EAP was designed to allow the dynamic addition of authentication plug-in modules at both the client and server ends of a connection. This allows vendors to supply a new authentication scheme at any time. EAP provides the highest flex ibility in authentication uniqueness and variation. EAP is documented in RFC 2284 and is supported in Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. EAP allows for two-factor authentication a practice that is highly recommended and considered a must by most security personnel. For example, a person s username and password can be discov ered by a hacker, and without two-factor authentication the hacker can now impersonate the user. If, on the other hand, the user is issued a smart card, the username and password is useless unless the physical card is in their possession as well, thus satisfying the two-factor parameters: something you have and something you know. EAP is a mandatory piece to making two-factor authentication work.
void OnNext(object sender, WizardNavigationEventArgs e) { // Collect the input data if going to the last page // -1 because of 0-based indexing, add -1 if you have a Complete page // In case of a Complete step, the Finish step is the next to last one if (e.NextStepIndex == MyWizard.WizardSteps.Count - 2) { // Show a summary message StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder ( ); sb.Append ( You re about to add: <br><br> ); sb.AppendFormat ( {0} {1}<hr>", FirstName.Text, LastName.Text); sb.Append ( <b><br>Ready to go </b> ); ReadyMsg.Text = sb.ToString(); } }
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