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To remove one or more of those categories (so that the affected category joins the Internet zone), select Local Intranet in the Internet Options dialog box and then click Sites. You ll see the following dialog box. Clear the appropriate check boxes.
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USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECTPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID('dbo.Matrix'), 'IsUserTable') = 1 DROP TABLE dbo.Matrix; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Matrix ( orderyear INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, y2006 INT NULL, y2007 INT NULL, y2008 INT NULL ); INSERT INTO dbo.Matrix(orderyear, y2006) VALUES(2006, 1); INSERT INTO dbo.Matrix(orderyear, y2007) VALUES(2007, 1); INSERT INTO dbo.Matrix(orderyear, y2008) VALUES(2008, 1);
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objectid 1 1 1 2 attribute attr1 attr2 attr3 attr2 value ABC 10 2004-01-01 00:00:00.000 12
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The Project panel is very similar to Solution Explorer in Visual Studio. It lists all the files associated with the project. The Project panel also displays project references and properties. See Figure 9-6 for an example of the Project panel.
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The name of the le that is generated as the XML documentation le. This name includes only the le name and has no path information; it goes in the output directory. This is for C# projects; VB.NET projects use the GenerateDocumentation property instead. Speci es how the compiler task should report internal compiler errors. Valid values are prompt, send, or none. This property is equivalent to the /errorreport compiler switch. The GenerateDeploymentManifest Task [ en-us/library/3k2t34e7.aspx ] adds a deploymentProvider tag to the deployment manifest if the project le includes any of the following elements: UpdateUrl InstallUrl PublishUrl
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How It Works: The shopping_cart Table
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The plan is similar to the SQL Server 2005 plan shown in Figure 11-12. It performs partial aggregation on eight streams and then performs global aggregation. But if we investigate
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The basic tools for playing music and video clips, organizing digital photos, ripping audio CDs to digital files, and creating movie files are found in every Windows Vista edition. Media Center, DVD Maker, and other technologies that are aimed at the living room are reserved for the Home Premium and Ultimate editions.
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Keeping It Under Control
What s New in Windows Vista
Practice 1: Use the IP Security Monitor snap-in to view details about the active IPSec policy that is applied to your domain, or to a local host running Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows XP Professional. View Quick Mode and Main Mode statistics, and active IPSec Security Associations (SAs). Practice 2: Search TechNet and the Microsoft Web site for Kerberos Tools. Do not download any third-party support tools.
All of the methods of the Data Access block that retrieve or update data have overloads that accept a reference to an existing transaction as a DbTransaction type. As an example of their use, the following code explicitly creates a transaction over a connection. It assumes you have created the Data Access block Database instance named db and two DbCommand instances named cmdA and cmdB.
-password -quiet -recoveryTarget
4 . . Borrow the Default and SeeingRed themes from the MasterPageSite project ( 7) . This allows the user to pick the theme . First, add Default and SeeingRed folders to the application s Themes directory . Then, right-click each of the theme folders and click Add Existing Item . Use the file navigation dialog box to navigate to the 7 directory and select the theme files . 5 . . Borrow the UseThemes .aspx and .cs files from the MasterPageSite project . If you place them in a separate folder (for example, perhaps a folder named Secured), you can manage access rights to the folder . 6 . . Update the Default .aspx page . This is where users will enter profile information . Add text boxes for the name, address, city, state, and zip code . Add a drop-down list box populated with Default and SeeingRed items to be used for selecting the theme . Also add a calendar control to pick the birth date .
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