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Network Device Enrollment Services (NDES) Windows Server 2008 implements Cisco System s Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) as a standard component of the operating system. Where Windows Server 2003 required add-on software from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit, NDES is now available through the Add Roles Wizard. NDES allows network devices that support SCEP to request certificates automatically from a Windows Server 2008 CA without having a computer account in Active Directory. Version 3 Certificate Templates Windows Server 2008 takes provides further customi-
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Security Options Security Options Security options
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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FIGURE 11-11 Another image taken farther down the painting.
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the default for server computers.
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Windows Task Manager pops up in response to the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Escape. That alone is one of its more endearing traits, making it almost instantly accessible at times when something appears to have gone awry. If you need to stop an application (or process) that doesn t respond to the usual measures, or if your system suddenly slows down and you want to know who s eating your processor cycles, Windows Task Manager is typically the quickest arrow in your quiver. The Performance tab of Windows Task Manager, shown in Figure 21-5, gives you a quick overview of CPU and memory usage. The bar graphs at the left report current data the percentage of your CPU s capacity and the number of megabytes in use while the line graphs to the right show (by default) one minute s worth of data, with updates at one-second intervals. Numbers below the graphs amplify the graphical presentation. In Figure 21-5, for example, the memory bar graph shows that 717 MB are currently in use, while the Physical Memory item at the bottom of the window reports that those 717 MB represent 35 percent of the system s available RAM. The Physical Memory Usage History line graph, meanwhile, makes it clear that a large chunk of memory has been released within the last several seconds.
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Authentication protocols in Routing And Remote Access
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Note: As in chapter 4, Federated Identity for Web Applications, Adatum could issue Fabrikam-speci c claims, but it would not be a best practice to clutter Adatum s issuer with Fabrikam-speci c concepts such as Fabrikam roles. Fabrikam allows Adatum to issue any claims it wants, and then it con gures its FP to map these Adatum claims to Fabrikam claims.
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Figure A-4 : The Documents tab of the Properties dialog box If you have a default document set on the Documents tab and one of the default documents exists, when a user goes to a folder and specifies only the folder name (for example, http://localhost/AppendixA/), that document will be shown. In practice, you often need to set the default document only in the root of the Web site. Remember, if you want to use a default document, the folder must have Read selected on the Directory tab of the Properties dialog box. Selecting the Enable Document Footer check box on the Documents tab allows you to specify the name of a file containing an HTML fragment (not an entire document) that will be included as a footer for documents displayed in this folder. The Directory Security tab of the Properties dialog box is shown in Figure A-5.
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By default, Internet Explorer populates the Local Intranet zone with the following:
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TABLE 16-2 Wbadmin Parameters
In addition to phone numbers, you might also want to add a unique customer number (ID) or other custom field as a Find Column to help users find records more quickly. Important When you enter search values, Microsoft Dynamics CRM searches for the value as
, , , ) ; , , ,
FIGURE 3-1 Dynamic property result
INSERT INTO dbo.Groups(groupid, memberid, string, val) VALUES ('a', 3, 'stra1', 6), ('a', 9, 'stra2', 7), ('b', 2, 'strb1', 3), ('b', 4, 'strb2', 7), ('b', 5, 'strb3', 3), ('b', 9, 'strb4', 11), ('c', 3, 'strc1', 8), ('c', 7, 'strc2', 10), ('c', 9, 'strc3', 12); -- Show the contents of the table SELECT * FROM dbo.Groups;
Part I CLR Basics
You can also define a master page for a site, application, or folder by defining the masterPageFile property of the <pages> element in a Web.config file (note that the XMLbased Web.config file is case sensitive). If you use this approach, all ASP.NET pages in the scope of the Web.config file that have Content controls are merged with the specified master page. If an ASP.NET page does not contain Content controls, the master page is not applied. The following shows an example of the <pages> element in a Web.config file.
Mobile user
Communications (e-mail and contact information) Favorites and history Files Programs
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