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Lowering the Curtain on Your Story Template
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Description Gets or sets the URL of the image used for the login link. Gets or sets the text used for the login link. Determines the action taken when a user logs out of a Web site. Possible values are Refresh, Redirect, and RedirectToLoginPage. Gets or sets the URL of the image used for the logout button. Gets or sets the URL of the logout page. Gets or sets the text used for the logout link.
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Within each of the two general categories of name resolution DNS and NetBIOS Windows Server 2003 networks provide a set of methods to resolve computer names. For DNS, these name resolution methods include the following:
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When you are done editing connections, click Close. The Web Parts are connected, just as if you had connected them statically.
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Blocking Programs
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Adding Items to Your Media Library
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Even though Windows Small Business Server 2008 has automated many, many of the tasks associated with con guring and securing a network, this book is required when you want to do something slightly out of the ordinary or when you need additional understanding of what a wizard is doing. Look for the following book elements: Under the Hood Because wizards are so ef cient at what they do, it can be very dif cult to know what s going on in the background. Sidebars titled Under the Hood describe the technical operations being performed by the wizard. These sidebars also include methodological information to help you understand Windows Small Business Server. Real World Everyone can bene t from the experiences of others. Real World sidebars contain elaboration on a particular theme or background based on the adventures of other users of Windows Small Business Server.
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Benefit When applied to a computer, requires that the client communicate with any LDAP server using LDAP data signing to prevent man-in-themiddle attacks. This policy is disabled in the most secure configuration. Enabling it allows an anonymous user to translate a SID into a user name. (For example, if an anonymous user provides the well-known SID of the administrator account, that user could get the actual account name, even if it has been renamed.) Enabling this policy prevents anonymous users from being able to get a list of user names in a domain, which can then be used for various attacks. Risk If domain controllers are not configured with the same settings, all LDAP communication between client and domain controller will fail.
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The control will also change to use the new prefix, as displayed here.
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Preparing and Producing Professional Results
After the underlying operating system is installed, Windows will log on and the SBS installation will automatically start. This installation will con gure your time zone, your networking, and your server and Windows domain names; con gure your business information; and set your administrator account and password for the SBS domain. Also during this process, you ll have a chance to install any required networking drivers if Windows doesn t have a built-in driver for your network card and to download the latest updates to protect your server.
To obtain the set of interfaces that a type inherits, you can call Type s FindInterfaces, GetInterface, or GetInterfaces method . All of these methods return Type objects that represent an interface . Note that these methods scan the type s inheritance hierarchy and return all of the interfaces defined on the specified type as well as all of its base types . Determining which members of a type implement a particular interface is a little complicated because multiple interface definitions can all define the same method . For example, the IBookRetailer and IMusicRetailer interfaces might both define a method named Purchase . To get the MethodInfo objects for a specific interface, you call Type s GetInterfaceMap instance method passing the interface type as an argument . This method returns an instance of a System.Reflection.InterfaceMapping (a value type) . The InterfaceMapping type defines the four public fields listed in Table 23-3 .
Introducing ASP.NET 4
In SQL Server 2008 you can store a dynamic batch of code in a local variable of large object type and then invoke it as code with EXEC or sp_executesql . Such support was introduced for the first time in SQL Server 2005 . In older versions of SQL Server you couldn t define local variables longer than 8,000 bytes . This could pose a problem if you needed to construct large dynamic batches . Even though technically sp_executesql s input code string was of an NTEXT data type, you typically wanted to construct the code string in a local variable . However, you couldn t declare a local variable with a large object type, so practically
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