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m_tokenValues.Clear(); String[] tokens = m_currentLine.Split(','); for (int i=0; i<tokens.Length; i++) { string key = ""; if (m_hasColumnHeaders) key = m_headerValues[i].ToString(); else key = CsvColumnPrefix + i.ToString(); m_tokenValues.Add(key, tokens[i]); } // Exit return true; } The header values are stored in an array of strings (m_headerValues), which is automatically created by the Split method of the .NET String object. The Split method takes a character and splits into tokens all the parts of the string separated by that character. For a line of text read out of a CSV file, the separator must be a comma. The reader reads one row at a time and ensures that the internal reader state is set to Interactive to indicate that the reader is ready to process requests and to EndOfFile when the end of the stream is reached. The text read is split into components, and each component is copied as the value of a name/value pair. In the following example, the row is split into Davolio, Nancy, and Sales Representative: LastName,FirstName,Title Davolio,Nancy,Sales Representative If the reader has been set to support header names, each value is stored with the corresponding header. The resulting name/value pairs are shown here: LastName/Davolio FirstName/Nancy Title/Sales Representative If no header row is present, the name of each value takes a default form: col1, col2, col3, and so on. You can customize the prefix of the header by setting the CsvColumnPrefix property. As you might have guessed, CsvColumnPrefix is a custom property defined for the XmlCsvReader class. The name/ value pairs are stored in a NameValueCollection object, which is emptied each time the Read method is called. The Name and Value Properties The Name property represents the name of the current node be it an element or an attribute node. Both the Name and the Value properties share a common design, as shown in the following code. Their content is determined by the node type. public override string Name { 50
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Database supports asynchronous operations Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Id = 1 Status = DRAFT CreatedOn = 01/02/2009 11:12:06 Name = Adjustable Race LastName = Abbas FirstName = Syed ShipStreet = 123 Elm Street ShipCity = Denver ShipZipCode = 12345 ShippingOption = Two-day shipping State = Colorado
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How Do You Measure Performance
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Filtering with the Filter and Filtering with Controls
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Query sys.objects:
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Returns the smallest value among the arguments Returns the most frequently recurring value among the arguments Gives an estimate of standard deviation, or how widely values are dispersed from the average
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FigURE 5-12 Selecting Connect from the Web Parts menu to edit the connection.
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Introducing Windows Movie Maker
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Figure 10-3. AJDT gutter decorations Right-clicking on the gutter decoration will reveal a context menu from which you can see the methods being advised by this particular advice as shown on Figure 10-4.
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Application Services
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Aggregating and Pivoting Data
To change the order of entries in the list, select the entry you want to move and then click Move Up or Move Down. Alternatively, you can drag a network to the desired position.
Figure 7-5. Installing Connection Manager Administration Kit.
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