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SELECT orderid, shipcountry FROM Sales.Orders WHERE orderid IN(-1) UNION ALL SELECT column_id, name FROM sys.columns WHERE object_id = 389576426 --);
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ASP.NET caching stores frequently accessed data or whole webpages in memory, where they can be retrieved faster than they could be from a file or database. This helps to improve the performance and increase the scalability (in terms of number of users serviced) of a web application. As an example, if you have a product catalog in an e-commerce application, you might consider putting a lot of the catalog data into cache. Data that changes infrequently and is accessed by a lot of users is a good candidate for caching. The first access of this data would load it into the cache; subsequent requests would be served from the cache until the cache expires. ASP.NET and the .NET Framework enable you to take advantage of caching without requiring you to write a lot of code to deal with the complexities of caching, such as cache expiration, updates, and memory management. There are two different types of caching in ASP.NET:
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27 I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
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8. In the Paste Special dialog box, select the Formats option, and choose OK to close . You ve now copied the alignment, font color, and customer number format from row 3 to column G . qr code
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Types of Section Handlers A section handler is a .NET Framework class that implements the IConfigurationSectionHandler interface. It interprets and processes the configuration settings stored in a configuration section and returns a configuration object based on the configuration settings. The returned object is accessed by the GetConfig method. The data type returned by the GetConfig method depends on the section handler defined for the particular section. The .NET Framework provides a few predefined section handlers, listed in Table 15-2. All of these section handlers belong to the System.Configuration namespace and are implemented in the System assembly. 517 generate data matrix
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In addition to project-level test records, you might find it useful to keep track of your personal test records. These records can include both a checklist of the errors you most commonly make as well as a record of the amount of time you spend writing code, testing code, and correcting errors.
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Installing and Managing Printers
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In the screen shown in Figure 5-12, when you open the list of combined format specifications that s populated with picture icons, you ll find the Other Theme Fills command at the bottom . You can use this to branch to other graphically displayed options .
When you deliver the same presentation to the rest of your team the next day using a Web conferencing service, you ll present using a Web browser along with a telephone or a computer microphone and speakers. In a virtual environment such as this, you obviously cannot use ip charts and other off-screen media that the audience can t see, but you can use additional tools that services such as Microsoft Of ce Live Meeting offer. For example, when you present the earlier Point A slide using the Live Meeting console, ask your audience the same question, except now annotate the slide by using the console s tools to insert text boxes to record the audience comments, as shown in Figure 9-14. Alternatively, use the Live Meeting console tools to create a poll that allows respondents to vote on your question, or use a text screen where you can write down the notes of your conversation for all to see.
You can enter the necessary values in degrees (this requires the most experience and consideration) . You can change the degree of rotation by clicking the small arrows immediately beside the input fields . While you keep pressing and holding the mouse key, the object will continue to rotate in the corresponding axis . You can also rotate the object further to the right by clicking the larger icon buttons . The rotation occurs in bursts; you can t initiate continuous rotation by pressing the mouse key . You can use the Perspective option to define the degree of truncation of the three-dimensional shape (the extent to which the body s dimensions taper off into the background ) with values between 0 and 120 . Trying things out here will also serve you better than any theoretical description .
When joining two instances of the same table, you must alias at least one of the tables. This provides a unique name or alias to each instance so that there is no ambiguity in the result column names and in the column names in the intermediate virtual tables.
European and Middle Eastern languages. Characters of 0x0800 and above are converted to 3 bytes, which works well for East Asian languages. Finally, surrogate character pairs are written out as 4 bytes. UTF 8 is an extremely popular encoding, but it s less useful than UTF 16 if you encode many characters with values of 0x0800 or above. Although the UTF 16 and UTF 8 encodings are by far the most common, the FCL also supports some encodings that are used less frequently: UTF 7 encoding is typically used with older systems that work with characters that can be expressed using 7 bit values. You should avoid this encoding because it usually ends up expanding the data rather than compressing it. The Unicode Consortium has deprecated this encoding starting with the Unicode 3.0 standard. ASCII encodes the 16 bit characters into ASCII characters; that is, any 16 bit character with a value less than 0x0080 is converted to a single byte. Any character with a value greater than 0x007F can t be converted, and the character s value is lost. For strings consisting of characters in the ASCII range (0x00 to 0x7F), this encoding compresses the data in half and is very fast (because the high byte is just chopped off). This encoding isn t good if you have characters outside the ASCII range because the character s values are lost. Finally, the FCL also allows you to encode 16 bit characters to an arbitrary code page. Like the ASCII encoding, encoding to a code page is dangerous because any character whose value can t be expressed in the specified code page is lost. You should always use UTF 16 or UTF 8 encoding unless you must work with some legacy files or applications that already use one of the other encodings. When you need to encode or decode a set of characters, you should obtain an instance of a class derived from System.Text.Encoding. Encoding is an abstract base class that offers several static properties, each of which returns an instance of an Encoding derived class. (Each encoding class is basically a wrapper around the WideCharToMultiByte and MultiByteToWideChar Win32 functions that you might be familiar with.) Here s an example that encodes and decodes characters using UTF 8:
You use this method to compare reference type fields because it s legal for them to have a value of null. Certainly, calling refobj.Equals(other.refobj) will throw a NullReferenceException if refobj is null. Object s static Equals helper method performs the proper checks against null for you. Comparing value type fields To compare value type fields, you should call the field type s Equals method to have it compare the two fields. You shouldn t call Object s static Equals method because value types can never be null and calling the static Equals method would box both value type objects.
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Both languages support Unicode characters in identifier names. C# identifiers must begin with a letter or underscore, but the $ symbol permitted by Java is not valid in C#. The remainder of the identifier is made up of letters and numbers. C# allows the use of keywords as identifiers by preceding the identifier with the @ symbol. Refer to the "Keywords as Identifiers" section coming up for full details.
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