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EXEC sp_helptext 'Sales.CustsWithOrders';
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Figure 8-9
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Installation Process
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2 Here s the simple test.
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Exam Tip By using packet filtering at a router, you can block or allow TCP or UDP traffic based on port number. Some exam questions require you to know which ports you must leave open to allow the following protocols to pass through to your network: File Transfer Protocol (FTP; TCP ports 20 and 21), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP; TCP port 80), Hypertext Trans fer Protocol Secure/Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS/SSL; TCP port 443), Point-to-Point Tunnel ing Protocol (PPTP; TCP port 1723), and L2TP/IPSec (UDP ports 500, 1701, and 4500). Be sure to memorize these port numbers before taking the exam!
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17. Security and Cryptography
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SQL*Plus Substitution Variables
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Back in the early 1990s, it was hard to imagine that someday there would be computers that had 32 CPUs in them . Therefore, when 32-bit Windows was first created, it was designed to handle machines with up to 32 CPUs . Then, when Microsoft was making 64-bit Windows,
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SELECT seqval, seqval - ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY seqval) AS diff FROM dbo.NumSeq;
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Adding Keyword Tags to Image Files
CustomAfterMicrosoft CommonTargets
To create the Parts and BOM tables and populate them with sample data, run the code in Listing 12-2. The contents of the Parts and BOM tables are shown in Tables 12-2 and 12-3. Notice that the rst scenario (employee organizational chart) requires only one table because it is modeled as a tree; both an edge (manager, employee) and a vertex (employee) can be represented by the same row. The BOM scenario requires two tables because it is modeled as a DAG, where multiple paths can lead to each node; an edge (assembly, part) is represented by a row in the BOM table, and a vertex (part) is represented by a row in the Parts table.
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Configuring a Multi-Monitor Display
empid mgrid empname lvl 8 5 2 1 5 2 1 NULL Lilach Jiru Eitan David 0 1 2 3
The policy file must be linked into an assembly before it can be used. The following statement demonstrates the usage form of the Assembly Linker Tool (al.exe) to achieve this; Table B-1 provides details of the command options.
The value that was speci ed in the Include attribute of the item after it was evaluated. Full path of the le. The root directory to which the le belongs. The name of the le, not including the extension. The extension of the le, including the . . The path to the le relative to the current working directory. Directory of the item, without the root directory. This is the part of the directory path that is replaced by the rst ** of the Include declaration. If no ** is present, then this value is empty. The last time the le was modi ed. The time the le was created. The last time the le was accessed.
To plan for this, sketch the letter B on the corner of your Key Point slides. You ll remove the note later when you add graphics to the slide, but for now it s your cue that after you present the rst Key Point slide, you ll press the B key on your keyboard, or the appropriate button on your remote control, to turn the screen to black. Then, as all eyes turn to you, you ll emphasize verbally the key point. When you ve nished, you ll press the B key again to return to the Key Point slide before moving on. (Alternatively, press the W key to turn the screen to white.) Later, when you get to the second and third Key Point slides, you ll do the same.
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