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Troubleshooting Remote Access VPN Connections |
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Using Slide Show View and Tools Using Presenter View and Tools
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<QueryList> <Query Id= 0 Path= Security > <Select Path= Security > *[System[Provider[@Name='Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing'] and Task = 12544] and EventData[Data[@Name='LogonType'] = '2']] </Select> </Query> </QueryList>
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namespace CompanyB { public class BetterPhone : CompanyA.Phone { // Keep 'new' to mark this method as having no // relationship to the base type's Dial method. public new void Dial() { Console.WriteLine("BetterPhone.Dial"); EstablishConnection(); base.Dial(); } // Add 'new' to mark this method as having no // relationship to the base type's EstablishConnection method. protected new virtual void EstablishConnection() { Console.WriteLine("BetterPhone.EstablishConnection"); // Do work to establish the connection. } } }
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catch filter that matched the exception. Note that any finally block associated with the catch block that matched the exception is not executed yet. The code in this finally block won t execute until after the code in the handling catch block has executed. Important C# can throw only CLS compliant exceptions that is, an exception type derived from System.Exception. However, the CLR allows any type of object to be thrown. C# offers a special type of catch block that allows you to catch non CLS compliant exceptions:
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In this chapter, I ll discuss how managed applications construct new objects, how the managed heap controls the lifetime of these objects, and how the memory for these objects gets reclaimed . In short, I ll explain how the garbage collector in the common language runtime (CLR) works, and I ll explain various performance issues related to it . I ll also discuss how to design applications so that they use memory most efficiently .
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Give the Network Service account full control over the images folder you created in Step 1:
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The .NET Framework addresses the DLL hell issue in a big way, as you ll see while reading this chapter and 3 . It also goes a long way toward fixing the problem of having an application s state scattered all over a user s hard disk . For example, unlike COM, types no longer require settings in the registry . Unfortunately, applications still require shortcut links . As for security, the .NET Framework includes a security model called code access security . Whereas Windows security is based on a user s identity, code access security is based on permissions that host applications that loading components can control . A host application like Microsoft Silverlight can grant just a few permissions to downloaded code, while a locally installed (self-hosting) application could run with full trust (all permissions) . As you ll see, the .NET Framework enables users to control what gets installed and what runs, and in general, to control their machines, more than Windows ever did .
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Managing Remote Access Clients
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Creating Your Amazon E-Commerce Service Account
The first word in the request is the command, often known as the method. In this case, the command is GET. The command is followed by the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the resource to be retrieved. In this case, the URI is /default.aspx. Following the URI is the version of HTTP to be used to process the command. In this case, the HTTP version is HTTP/1.1.
Before You Begin
As Necessary Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically determines whether it needs to add scroll bars. If the content in the web resource takes more vertical (or horizontal) space than the web resource offers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM adds scroll bars. Always Microsoft Dynamics CRM always includes horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Never Microsoft Dynamics CRM never includes horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
Figure 9-1: Bug workflow.
will access.
Itzik Ben-Gan and Dejan Sarka
When implementing your own methods, you should throw an exception when the method cannot complete its task as indicated by its name . When you want to throw an exception, there are two issues that you really need to think about and consider . The first issue is about deciding what Exception-derived type are you going to throw . You really want to select a type that is meaningful here . Consider the code that is higher up the call stack and how that code might want to determine that a method failed in order to execute some graceful recovery code . You can use a type that is already defined in the FCL, but there may not be one in the FCL that matches your exact semantics . So you ll probably need to define your own type, ultimately derived from System.Exception . If you want to define an exception type hierarchy, it is highly recommended that the hierarchy be shallow and wide in order to create as few base classes as possible . The reason is that base classes act as a way of treating lots of errors as one error, and this is usually dangerous . Along these lines, you should never throw a System.Exception object,3 and you should use extreme caution if you throw any other base class exception type .
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Deploying a Demand-Dial Router-to-Router Configuration
Page 291 CHAPTER 14 Creating Custom Publishing Solutions In chapter 11, you learned about the publishing process. You used the Publish Wizard to make your presentations available for viewing in a variety of different ways. You saw that the wizard made publishing easy because you simply provided the necessary information and Producer handled the details for you. You also learned a bit about e-services. The Publish Wizard is an exciting and useful tool, and Microsoft has provided ways that you can customize the publishing process. Some of these are fairly simple; others require some programming skills. Here are some of the things you can do: Easily distribute a small file that users can run to add a Web server to the Publish Wizard on their computers. Author a complete custom e-service that replaces the default Publish Wizard user interface. Create a small file that users can run to change the page that displays when they click the Learn More button. Write a Web page that replaces the default Learn More page in the Publish Wizard. This page can contain links that users click to add new Web servers or to add complete e-services. This chapter will explain how to do each of these things, while providing you with plenty of background information to help you to understand how and why these things work. You ll find the information here easier to grasp if you have some understanding of HTML and the Microsoft JScript programming language. Some familiarity with the Windows registry is also helpful. Even if you don t have any background in these areas, you should still read the chapter. You may find that these concepts aren t hard at all; perhaps you ll even be inspired to learn more about programming. Every effort has been made to keep things as simple as possible. A detailed reference, programming guide, and complete sample code are provided in the Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2002 Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK documentation is installed by default with Microsoft Producer. You can locate the SDK Help file, named ProdSDK.chm, in the folder named Shared, which can be found within the folder where you installed Producer. There are several reasons why customizing the publishing process in Producer is useful:
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