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Using (or Refusing) AutoComplete . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 208 Internet Explorer Security and Privacy Options . . . . . . 213 Finding, Reading, and Subscribing to RSS Feeds . . . . . 218 Using Internet Explorer as an FTP Client . . . . . . . . . . . . 223
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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The Road System that I will use is that of several major cities in the United States, and it is depicted graphically in Figure 9-4.
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The .Built-in .Handlers
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/* Get the category id targeted by submit button (the number at the end of submit button name) e.g '1' from 'submit_edit_categ_1' */ $this->mActionedCategoryId = (int)substr($key, $last_underscore + 1); break; } } public function init() { // If adding a new category ... if ($this->mAction == 'add_categ') { $category_name = $_POST['category_name']; $category_description = $_POST['category_description']; if ($category_name == null) $this->mErrorMessage = 'Category name is empty'; if ($this->mErrorMessage == null) Catalog::AddCategory($this->mDepartmentId, $category_name, $category_description); } // If editing an existing category ... if ($this->mAction == 'edit_categ') { $this->mEditItem = $this->mActionedCategoryId; } // If updating a category ... if ($this->mAction == 'update_categ') { $category_name = $_POST['name']; $category_description = $_POST['description']; if ($category_name == null) $this->mErrorMessage = 'Category name is empty'; if ($this->mErrorMessage == null) Catalog::UpdateCategory($this->mActionedCategoryId, $category_name, $category_description); } // If deleting a category ... if ($this->mAction == 'delete_categ')
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There are multiple ways to use code to allow users to navigate from page to page in your site. You can write both client and server code to do so. You can send the entire processing of a page over to another page by using the serverside Page.Server.Transfer method. This is useful if you want to hide the file name of the processing page or run different pages for a single user request. You can create a site map XML file to represent the navigational structure of your website. You can display this information by using the Menu, TreeView, and SiteMapPath controls.
It s almost impossible to identify performance bottlenecks before a program is working completely. Programmers are very bad at guessing which 4 percent of the code accounts for 50 percent of the execution time, and so programmers who optimize as they go will, on average, spend 96 percent of their time optimizing code that doesn t need to be optimized. That leaves very little time to optimize the 4 percent that really counts. In the rare case in which developers identify the bottlenecks correctly, they overkill the bottlenecks they ve identified and allow others to become critical. Again, the ultimate effect is a reduction in performance. Optimizations done after a system is complete can identify each problem area and its relative importance so that optimization time is allocated effectively. Focusing on optimization during initial development detracts from achieving other program objectives. Developers immerse themselves in algorithm analysis and arcane debates that in the end don t contribute much value to the user. Concerns such as correctness, information hiding, and readability become secondary goals, even though performance is easier to improve later than these other concerns are. Post-hoc performance work typically affects less than 5 percent of a program s code. Would you rather go back and do performance work on 5 percent of the code or readability work on 100 percent
through the base class XmlNode. (See the section "The XmlNode Base Class," on page 213.)
Configuring an IDbCommand to execute a stored procedure
Which of the religious topics are important enough to warrant going to the mat Conformity in minor matters of style in any area probably won t produce enough benefit to offset the effects of lower morale. If you find indiscriminate use of gotos or global variables, unreadable styles, or other practices that affect whole projects, be prepared to put up with some friction in order to improve code quality. If your programmers are conscientious, this is rarely a problem. The biggest battles tend to be over nuances of coding style, and you can stay out of those with no loss to the project.
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