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6. Close Group Policy Object Editor.
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internal sealed class ConditionVariablePattern { private readonly Object m_lock = new Object(); private Boolean m_condition = false; public void Thread1() { Monitor.Enter(m_lock);
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Note that the solution files are not located in your website s folder because they are specific to Visual Studio and are not required in the deployed website. Also, a solution can contain many websites and Visual Studio projects, so it is best to keep the solution files in an independent folder. Some solution files also can be developer specific, meaning that developers might want to configure solution files based on their preferences. A Visual Studio website also does not contain an associated project file. However, a Visual Studio web application does have a project file associated with it. Because it includes a project file, the web application is useful to developers who are building applications with Visual Studio and not just working with websites.
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You might be asked to troubleshoot connections to the Internet that start from wireless machines. In some cases, you might want to share a single Wireless Access Point (WAP) with multiple and varying connection topologies, as shown in Figure 12-21.
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Handling Events and Managing State
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Review the guidance in Microsoft Virtual Server Support Policy at http:// and Windows Server System Software Not Supported within a Microsoft Virtual Server Environment at for platforms supported in a virtual environment. For details on the support policy for Virtualization on non-Microsoft platforms review Support Policy for Microsoft Software Running in Non-Microsoft Hardware Virtualization Software at and Support Policy for Microsoft Programs That Are Running in a Third-party Application or Software Redirection Program or in a Third-party Application or Software Virtualization Environment at
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The System.Collections.Hashtable class is similar to the Java java.util.HashMap class. The only important difference is that key/value pairs are stored and accessed via an indexer. Here's an example of how to set and get a Hashtable element:
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Administrator Modules
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GetAuthCookie GetRedirectUrl HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile
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Allowable Action
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The global configuration settings configure ASP .NET sites to use the default XmlSiteMapProvider . Listing 11-1 shows the configuration information that is part of the default web .config . Of course, as with all things configurable, you can swap in a different site map provider in your own site by modifying the web .config that goes along with your application .
The Products Table in 3NF
R. Chidamber and C. F. Kemerer, "A Metrics Suite for Object Oriented Design," IEEE Transactions in Software Engineering 20, no. 6 (1994): 476 493.
Page 124 3. Do one of the following: Select the Create clips for video files check box if you want any video files you select to be separated in to smaller clips using clip detection. Remember, the original file is not changed in any way. Clear the Create clips for video files check box if you do not want any selected video files to be separated into clips. If you later decide that you want the video file to be separated into clips, you can do so after the files are imported by choosing the Create clips command from the Tools menu. Likewise, if this check box is selected and you later decide you want the clips to appear as one file, you can combine the clips. Clip detection and combining clips is discussed in chapter 9. 4. Click Open to import the selected digital media files into Producer. When the files are imported into Producer, they are automatically added to the appropriate folder in the project. For example, still images are added and stored in the Images folder, video files are stored in the Video folder, and so forth. Saving Your Project After you start a presentation using the New Presentation Wizard or a new blank project, you will want to save the project. A project is made up of all the files you have imported and captured in Microsoft Producer. This includes any audio, video, or still images you have imported or captured in Microsoft Producer, as well as any HTML files or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations you have imported. The arrangement of these items on the timeline is also saved in your project. Therefore, you can later open the project and then continue editing from where you left off when you last saved your project. A Microsoft Producer project file has an .MSProducer file name extension. After completing your project, you are then ready to publish the project as a presentation. This is the presentation that your audience will watch in their Web browsers on their computers. You can publish the presentation to a variety of locations, including an internal intranet site, a shared network location, a Web site, an e-service provider s Web site, or a recordable or rewriteable CD. 11 discusses the publishing process and publishing your presentation to these different locations. Saving Project Archives Pack and Go With time constraints in the working environment, things are always changing. Even after you publish the project as a presentation, you might need to make changes later on. For example, you might create and publish a presentation containing marketing information for a product line that you know you will change several times a year.
public sealed class SomeResource { private SimpleSpinLock m_sl = new SimpleSpinLock(); public void AccessResource() { m_sl.Enter(); // Only one thread at a time can get in here to access the resource... m_sl.Leave(); } }
One of the best ways to secure a small network (and arguably any network) is to practice a procedure of standardization This is one of the most difficult security settings to enable.
Click Add New Item in the Agenda section to create an agenda for the current meeting, as shown in Figure 22-18.
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