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that have webpages that were programmed with different languages.
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authentication for IPSec, you must install a certificate in the Local Computer certificate store of the calling router and the answering router.
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Currently you can choose from four wireless standards: 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Here s what you need to know about each (also see Table 3-3):
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22. Developer Testing
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The view model is defined and exported, as shown in the next example.
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<url or path> /nologo /language:<language>
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return GetEmployees(0); } public IEnumerable GetEmployees(int minID) { SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter( SELECT employeeid, firstname, lastname FROM employees WHERE employeeid > + minID.ToString(), SERVER= ;DATABASE=northwind;UID= ; ); DataSet ds = new DataSet( MyData ); adapter.Fill(ds, Employees ); // Return the content of the selected DataTable // as an IEnumerable object return ((ds.Tables["Employees"]) as IListSource).GetList(); } } }
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This application defines a type, called Program . This type has a single public, static method called Main . Inside Main is a reference to another type called System.Console. System.Console is a type implemented by Microsoft, and the Intermediate Language (IL) code that implements this type s methods is in the MSCorLib .dll file . So our application defines a type and also uses another company s type . To build this sample application, put the preceding code into a source code file, say, Program .cs, and then execute the following command line:
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. . 1 . . Open the DebugORama project . Open the TraceMe .aspx page . Turn off tracing in the page by ensuring the Page class s Trace property is set to false . 2 . . Ensure that application-level tracing is turned on in web .config . That is, open web .config and add a trace element, as shown earlier . If the application doesn t yet have a configuration file, you can add one by selecting Add New Item from the local project menu . 3 . . Surf to the TraceMe .aspx page a few times by pressing Ctrl+F5, and then adding a few strings to the table . 4 . . In the URL that appears in the address box, make the endpoint Trace.axd, as shown in the following graphic . This name in the URL redirects request processing through a special handler that renders the tracing results being kept in memory .
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Process Priority Class Below Normal
FIguRE 21-4 Managed heap after a collection
Note If you want to see exactly which elements are mandatory and which are optional for each kind of
C h a p t e r 1 1 a D V a N C e D r U B Y F e a t U r e S
// Using C# s implicitly typed local variable and implicitly typed array features: var names = new[] { "Aidan", "Grant", null };
You can also register client scripts to be executed only when the page is submitted. This allows the application to know when the user has caused a page submission. The page can then use your script code to validate the submission and cancel it if necessary. To register a client script to be executed only on page submission, you use the RegisterOnSubmitStatement method of the ClientScriptManager. This method works in a fashion similar to the operation of RegisterClientScriptBlock. It takes a type, a key, and the script as parameters.
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