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The Deep Zoom content is rendered using the MultiScaleImage control in Page.xaml with its Source property set to the location of the XML file that contains the metadata about the composition that you made. In this case, the name of the file will look something like /GeneratedImages/dzc_output.xml. Other attributes of the MultiScaleImage allow you to set how it is rendered on the page, for example its width and height.
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Here you re taking the reference (or pointer) contained in element 0 of the ArrayList and trying to put it into a Point value type instance, p . For this to work, all of the fields contained in the boxed Point object must be copied into the value type variable, p, which is on the thread s stack . The CLR accomplishes this copying in two steps . First, the address of the Point fields in the boxed Point object is obtained . This process is called unboxing . Then, the values of these fields are copied from the heap to the stack-based value type instance . Unboxing is not the exact opposite of boxing . The unboxing operation is much less costly than boxing . Unboxing is really just the operation of obtaining a pointer to the raw value type (data fields) contained within an object . In effect, the pointer refers to the unboxed portion in the boxed instance . So, unlike boxing, unboxing doesn t involve the copying of any bytes in memory . Having made this important clarification, it is important to note that an unboxing operation is typically followed by copying the fields . Obviously, boxing and unboxing/copy operations hurt your application s performance in terms of both speed and memory, so you should be aware of when the compiler generates code to perform these operations automatically and try to write code that minimizes this code generation .
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Run the application. It should look similar to Figure 4-16. Notice that you can now click and drag the GridSplitter to resize the two Grid columns.
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Part II Designing Types
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However, having multiple threads call Console.WriteLine simultaneously actually hurts performance since the Console class internally synchronizes threads, ensuring that only one at a time can access the console window . This prevents text from multiple threads from being interspersed, making the output unintelligible . Use the ForAll method when you intend to perform calculations on each result . Since Parallel LINQ processes items using multiple threads, the items are processed concurrently and the results are returned in an unordered fashion . If you need to have Parallel LINQ preserve the order of items as they are processed, then you can call ParallelEnumerable s AsOrdered method . When you call this method, threads will process items in groups and then the groups are merged back together, preserving the order; this will hurt performance . The following operators produce unordered operations: Distinct, Except, Intersect, Union, Join, GroupBy, GroupJoin, and ToLookup . If you wish to enforce ordering again after one of these operators, just call the AsOrdered method . The following operators produce ordered operations: OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy, and ThenByDescending . If you wish to go back to unordered processing again to improve performance after one of these operators, just call the AsUnordered method . Parallel LINQ offers some additional ParallelEnumerable methods that you can call to control how the query is processed:
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To understand how modules work in the Joomla system, you first have to understand the underlying module type system. The modules shown in the Module Manager list are actually instances created from the various module types. The rightmost column of the module list in the Module Manager shows the type designation for each module listed. Much like the way a site template is used as an empty form from which a final document is created, module types act as templates atop which the module instance is created. For example, the module list shows many module instances with the type mod_mainmenu. The mod_mainmenu type is the foundation template for the menus on the Joomla system, and the individual instances contain the parameter settings that define the options of each menu. When you install a module to the system, you are not actually installing a module, but a new module type. The Joomla system automatically creates the first instance of a module from that type and that instance is the entry listed in the Module Manager. While the Module Manager lists all of the current module instances on the system, if you click the New button you will see a list of the available module types (see Figure 7-4) from which they were created. Selecting a type will take you to the module creation screen, where you can customize the new instance of the module type.
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If zero rows were affected, the trigger returns . If one row was affected, the code uses an assignment SELECT to grab the values from the row inserted into local variables . If multiple rows were affected, the code uses a cursor to iterate through the multiple rows in inserted . In each iteration, the code prints the values from the current row and fetches the values from the next row . To test the trigger, first run the following code, which inserts zero rows:
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Attribute Name msDS-LockoutThreshold
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Now you need to implement the StartingHands.cs class. It is very similar to the class used in 5 s DataGrid example. To save yourself some typing, you can copy the code from that project. As shown in bold in the following code, the only differences are the namespace and the return type of the GetHands() method. Instead of using an ObservableCollection, it will return a simple List<StartingHands>.
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Part II:
Creating Your Own MMC Consoles
9 . . Run the program . Type in a string and click the Add String To Session State . button . Both labels should contain data . The LabelShowString label holds data .
Compare pointers to NULL For pointers, write
Object Hash Codes
Following is some C# code with many attributes applied to it . In C#, you apply a custom attribute to a target by placing the attribute in square brackets immediately before the target . It s not important to understand what this code does . I just want you to see what attributes look like .
Timing requests
When you surf to the Trace .axd resource, the handler renders HTML that looks like the output shown in Figure 19-1 . The processing for this handler is very specific the handler s job is to render the results of the last few requests .
Appendix D Setting Up Remote Access VPN Connections in a Test Lab
13 XML and XQuery
If you want to make the upcoming example a hands-on experience, start SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Run the query shown in Listing 2-1 against the Northwind database, after clicking the Include Actual Execution Plan icon, as shown in Figure 2-1.
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Table 9-7. Subordinates of Employee 3, Including Employee Names
Starting Dialog Processes
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