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The C# compiler wouldn t compile the code and would issue the following error: error CS0123: The signature of method App.FeedbackToConsole() does not match this delegate type .
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placed right below an HTML table that provides the page s header. The following listing shows a sample content page bound to the booksample.master file:
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Page 238 Using an Existing Web Server Once you ve added a Web server to the Publish Wizard, publishing to that server again is easy. Producer remembers all the values you provided during your last publishing session. To use an existing Web server: 1. Start Producer and open your presentation. 2. Click Publish on the toolbar. The Publish Wizard appears. If it isn t already selected, click Web server. 3. In the Web server drop-down list, choose the Web server you want to use, as shown in Figure 11.22. generator pdf417
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import com.integrallis.techconf.dao.exception.*; public aspect HibernateExceptionConverterAspect { pointcut daoClasses() : call(* com.integrallis.techconf.ejb.dao.hibernate.*DAO*.*(..)); pointcut testClasses() : call(* com.integrallis.techconf.dao.hibernate.*Test.*(..)); Object around() : daoClasses() || testClasses() { try { return proceed(); } catch (Throwable t) { convertAndThrow(t); } return null; } /** * Converts a HibernateException to a custom DAO exception * @param t */ public static void convertAndThrow(Throwable t) { /** * Catch any Hibernate QueryExceptions and retrow * the as ObjectQueryException */ if (t instanceof QueryException) { QueryException ex = (QueryException)t; ObjectQueryException oqe = new ObjectQueryException(t); oqe.setQueryString(ex.getQueryString()); throw oqe; } /** * Catch Hibernate's Object retrieval exceptions and retrow * as ObjectRetrievalException */
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Understanding TCP/IP
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6 Control Potpourri
Figure 9-13. Modify the Appearance properties to set the web part s title, size, and frame style. You can also change the Height and Width of the web part from an adjustable size to a fixed size. Use these properties if you want to control how much of the web part is visible on the page. Depending on how you want the web part to display, you can use the Frame State property to have the web part minimized on opening the page. Users have to know to click the down arrow and choose Restore to work with the web part. In the Frame Style property, you can choose if you want no frame, title bar, and border; title bar only; or the default setting, which includes a frame, title bar, and border.
6 . . Now update the page to instantiate a list of TechnologyDescriptors and to attach the collection of TechnologyDescriptors to each control . For each control, set the DataTextField property to TechnologyName (to map it to the TechnologyName property of the TechnologyDescriptor) . This ensures that the technology name appears in the control . Then, set the DataValueField for each control to Description to map the Description property to be the associated value . Listing 10-2 shows how to create a collection of TechnologyDescriptors and attach the collection to each of the controls . 7 . . Add selection handlers for each of the controls by double-clicking them . On receiving the selection events, interrogate the control for the selected item s value . Listing 10-2 also shows the handlers . Except for the labels, the listing uses the default control names generated by Microsoft Visual Studio .
Ant is typically used from the command line by running one of the scripts in the bin directory. Ant s command line can take a set of options (prefixed with a dash) and any number of targets to be executed, as follows: ant [options] [target target2 ... targetN] Table 3-1 shows the options available from the command line. You can access them by typing ant -help. By default, Ant will search for a file named build.xml unless a different file is specified via the buildfile option.
Table 1-16. Number of Customers that Fall into Each Category per City
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