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Part I Overview and Configuration
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Including or combining calculation results in multiline axis labels (see Figure 8-12) is a very interesting technique that can be helpful for the viewer .
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IIS 7 also uses a completely updated (but still MMC-based) configuration interface the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. As you can see from Figure 16-1, this has been advanced somewhat from the IIS Manager that was released with IIS 7 in Windows Vista, and it is a huge improvement over the interface in IIS 6 in Windows Server 2003.
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2. You are running IIS 7.0 in integrated mode. You want to register an HTTP handler
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Page 5
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When a user clicks the Show File button, the file from isolated storage opens, and its contents are displayed in txtContents. You achieve this by first getting an instance of the user s isolated storage, and then generating the path to the file by combining the current directory with the file name provided in txtFileName. After you have constructed the full file path, you open the file using OpenFile(), which returns a Stream containing the file contents. You attach a StreamReader to the Stream to assist in working with the stream, and then display the contents of the Stream using the StreamReader s ReadToEnd() method. 14. Finally, wire up the Save button, which will save the contents of txtContents to the file name specified in txtFileName. You want to make it so that if the user enters a file name that doesn t exist, the application will create a new file. If the user enters one that does exist, the application will override the contents of that file. Although this is not perfect for use in the real world, it serves as a fine demo for using isolated storage. private void btnSave_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { string fileContents = this.txtContents.Text; using (var store = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication()) { IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = store.OpenFile( System.IO.Path.Combine( currentDir, this.txtFileName.Text), FileMode.OpenOrCreate); StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(stream); sw.Write(fileContents); sw.Close(); stream.Close(); } GetStorageData(); } This method is similar to the ShowFile() method. Basically, you get the isolated storage instance, and open the file using the OpenFile() method, passing it the full file path. However, this time, you pass the OpenFile() method FileMode.OpenOrCreate. This way, if the file doesn t exist, the application will create it. You then attach the returned stream to a StreamWriter, and write the contents to the Stream using the StreamWriter s Write() method. After writing the file, you clean up the objects and call the GetStorageData() method, which will cause the newly created file to appear in the files ListBox (in the event a new file was created). At this point, you re ready to test your completed application.
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Tables arrange data in a grid format. In the early years of the web, developers used tables to lay out web pages. Today, however, the HTML <div> and <span> markups have replaced the table as the preferred method for HTML layout. Now, you only need to rely on tables for displaying data in a grid, such as a spreadsheet. HTML provides the <table> tag for defining a table, the <tr> tag for creating a row, and the <td> tag for defining a column in the row. ASP.NET provides the Table control for creating and managing tables. Like its HTML counterpart, the Table control can be used to display static information on a page. However, the Table control s real power comes from the ability to programmatically add TableRow and TableCell controls from your code at run time. If you only need to display static information, consider using the HTML tags instead.
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Listing 3-2 shows the settings included in the htaccess.txt file that ships with Joomla. The Joomla manual recommends not using this file unless there are permission errors after Joomla installation. If an .htaccess file exists in the directory already, you can compare its settings with the ones shown here to help you determine the differences.
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Action headline, and click and drag it to the line after your Point B headline your nal document should appear as shown in Figure 6-3. After you save the document, close it.
public partial class UseLinq : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if(!this.IsPostBack) { List<TechnologyDescriptor> techList = TechnologyDescriptor.CreateTechnologyList(); GridView1.DataSource = from technologyDescriptor in techList where technologyDescriptor.TechnologyName.Contains(".NET") == true orderby technologyDescriptor.TechnologyName.Length
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Objective 2.1: Install and Configure the DNS Server Service 14-11
16: Custom Attributes
Part IV
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