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You ll be using most of the techniques covered so far in this book to build your bot. You ll be doing a bit of testing and documentation, as well as using classes and complex data structures. You ll also be using files to store information the bot uses, and looking at how to make your bot available to the general public using HTTP servers and CGI scripts. This project also demands you use a lot of string and list-related functions, along with comparison logic. These are all things you re likely to use in a larger development project, and as Ruby is a particularly good language for text processing, this project is perfect for demonstrating Ruby s strengths. A bot also allows you to have some fun and experiment. Working on a contact information management tool (for example) isn t that much fun, even though such a system would use similar techniques to your bot. You can still implement testing, documentation, classes, and storage systems, but end up with a fun result that can be extended and improved indefinitely.
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Regardless of how we bring up the WebView, we can store our content locally on the handset then display it in a thin shell application.
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Tuning Up and Monitoring Performance
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On a standalone computer or on a computer that is part of a workgroup and is not joined to a Windows domain, the list of available group and user names is drawn only from the account database on the local computer that is, the computer at which you re logged on . If your machine is a domain member, you can click the Locations button and choose whether you want to specify permissions based on users of the local computer or those in the domain s directory . If you re entering names of users on a Windows domain, enter a portion of the name and then click the Check Names button . Unfortunately, you can t use the same shortcut to select users and groups defined in the local computer s account database; instead, you have to enter the user s name in full, and if you re off by even a single letter you ll get an error message . (Windows will, however, fill in the computer or domain name for you automatically .) To see a list of available local users and groups, click the Advanced button, and then click Find Now . The resulting list includes all user accounts, groups, and special accounts on the local computer .
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2007 Microsoft Office System Behind-the-Scenes Interview
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7. In the Group Or User Names list, select the name of the user or group you want to manage. The shared resource permissions for the selected user or group appear below in the permissions list. 8. Select Allow, Deny, or neither for each access control entry:
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The object has a colored area and a colored border (orange, of course) whose color and width is identical to the arrow . The arrow was inserted as a drawing object and formatted . Among other formatting, a shadow was added to the arrow . The arrow is along the entire bottom edge of the label box and was positioned exactly on this edge . As a result, the shadow as well as the arrow seems to be part of the box . The data label was moved similar to working with a text box from its originally selected position (Outside End) to the right and downward (the arrow was added subsequently) . Series Name, Category Name, and Value were set as the three-line content . This gives me a reason to explain how a series name is created or changed .
5. Click OK to approve the update and click Close to close the progress dialog box.
Additional groups are so-called built-in groups.
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