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Lesson 1: Working with User Profiles
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In this build script, we have declared two targets, CopyFilesToDest and CleanDestFolder. The important target here is CopyFilesToDest target. The inputs for that target are speci ed as @(SourceFiles), and outputs as @(SourceFiles->'$(DestFolder)%(RecursiveDir)% (Filename)%(Extension)'), which is a transformation of the SourceFiles item. If the les in the output location are newer than the source les, then we would expect this target to be skipped. The CleanDestFolder target can be used to delete the output les. Take a look at the result of the command msbuild Incremental01.proj /t:CleanDestFolder;CopyFilesToDest. The result would be what is shown in Figure 6-20.
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To see which defaults Firefox currently owns (and modify particular ones if we want), we click Choose Defaults For This Program. The dialog box then lists file extensions and protocols that are possibilities for Firefox (see Figure 3-29).
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8. Click Smart Card Or Other Certificate, and then click OK.
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The Good News About ISAPI ISAPI addresses many of the weaknesses of CGI applications. Unlike CGI applications, which create and destroy processes with each request, the code of an ISAPI extension is generally loaded once for the lifetime of the server (unless the memory is needed for other purposes in practice, not a very common event). As an added bonus, the ISAPI application generally runs within the process space of IIS, allowing the ISAPI extension to have better communication with IIS. Recent versions of IIS have given the administrator greater control over which memory space each application runs within. Commonly, new or distrusted applications are run in a process separate from the IIS server itself. Running in an existing process space and remaining in memory offers significant advantages in both performance and scalability. Like a CGI application, a single ISAPI application can perform multiple tasks by accepting parameters passed in the URL. One difference in ISAPI is that the MFC classes hide many of the parameter-cracking details from the ISAPI extension developer. Using parse maps (preprocessor macros that are common throughout MFC applications), requests are transparently mapped to member functions of the main class of the ISAPI extension, a descendant of the CHttpServer class. Even better for people who aren t MFC fans, the ISAPI extensions can run using only the ISAPI-related classes, leaving behind the bulk of the MFC class structure. In a lightweight, server-based application, this lack of baggage can be a significant advantage. The Bad News About ISAPI The problems with ISAPI are almost all associated with ISAPI application development. First and foremost, the ISAPI extensions developer isn t your average developer. Developing an ISAPI application requires a developer who is at least familiar with C++ and MFC as well as HTML. To say that these two skill sets are not related is an understatement. Although a fair number of developers are familiar with MFC and a large number of developers are familiar with HTML, the intersection of these two skill sets just isn t that common; MFC developers have likely been working on traditional Windows applications, where HTML knowledge isn t a requirement. Unlike some of the other Internet development technologies we ll look at in this chapter, ISAPI development can t be easily divided between the core of the application and the details of presentation. ISAPI has a single, monolithic DLL, and without providing your own, homegrown scripting, there s no easy way for the HTML user interface designer and the core business logic designer to independently perform their tasks. The second problem with developing ISAPI applications once you ve found appropriate development staff occurs when testing builds of your DLL. As I was generating the simple SayHelloISAPI application, I first called the URL and then, while getting ready to shoot the screen for Figure 1-3, realized that I had forgotten to center the text in the browser, as I had in the CGI example. I recompiled the example and tried to copy it back to the appropriate directory, only to be reminded of another limitation of ISAPI applications: by default, the ISAPI application is loaded in memory and held there until the World Wide Web Publishing service is stopped. Thus, until the service was stopped, I couldn t replace the ISAPI application. It s possible to request that ISAPI applications not be cached by IIS. On a development machine, that s generally what I would do. However, before you release an ISAPI extension, you must test the application with caching turned off to verify that you don t have bugs hidden by variables always being initialized because the DLL is loaded with each request. Beyond the problem of actually replacing your ISAPI DLL on a running server, problems arise when you re trying to debug the DLL. MFC developers in particular, and Visual C++ developers in general, are used to the convenient debugging provided by the Visual C++ integrated development environment (IDE) when creating standard applications. Although it isn t impossible to debug an ISAPI application using the Visual C++ IDE, it isn t easy. Note ASP.NET programmers who still need some of the power and flexibility that ISAPI applications and filters offer can use HTTPhandlers and HTTPmodules.
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When you ve completed the initial con guration of the Windows Server 2008 Server Core, you can then add the Hyper-V Role to your server. To enable the Hyper-V Role to the server, use the following commands, as shown in Figure 6-5.
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c. Incorrect: A CheckBoxList control allows users to select as many or as few of a list of
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Working with Data Source Controls and Data-Bound Controls
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FIGURE 23-14 The System Properties dialog box
Figure 11-33 Changing the Diffie-Hellmann group
The throw Statement
Figure 31-10 Correlating a listening process to a program name can be accomplished using Netstat and Task Manager.
Do you need to install a computer certificate If the VPN server is configured with the Windows authentication provider and is supporting L2TP/IPSec connections or is authenticating connections by using the EAP TLS authentication protocol, you must install a computer certificate on the VPN server that can be validated by the VPN client and a root certificate that is used to validate the VPN client.
Q. Why do other vendors claim that they support standards and that Microsoft VPN technologies are proprietary
In the first call to Dispose, the Dispose method defined by SimpleType is called . Then I define a variable, d, which is of the IDisposable interface type . I initialize the d variable to refer to the SimpleType object . Now when I call d.Dispose(), I am calling the IDisposable interface s Dispose method . Since C# requires the public Dispose method to also be the implementation for IDisposable s Dispose method, the same code will execute, and, in this example, you can t see any observable difference . The output is as follows:
month BDATE salary COMMISSION ----------- --------- ---------17-DEC-1965 $800.00 20-FEB-1961 $1600.00 $300.00 22-FEB-1962 $1250.00 $500.00
An additional variation in inspection preparation is to assign each reviewer one or more scenarios to check. Scenarios can involve specific questions that a reviewer is assigned to answer, such as Are there any requirements that are not satisfied by this design A scenario might also involve a specific task that a reviewer is assigned to perform, such as listing the specific requirements that a particular design element satisfies.
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