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fourth octet (bit places 25 32). Periods are used to separate the four octets in dotteddecimal notation, and spaces are used to separate them in binary notation. Table 2-2 shows the scientific and decimal notations associated with each bit place within a binary octet. Notice that as you move from left to right and begin with the first bit s value of 128, each successive bit represents half the potential value of the previous bit. In reverse direction, as you move from right to left and begin with the eighth bit s value of 1, each successive bit represents double the potential value of the previous bit. This pattern allows you to easily recall the potential value of each bit place within an octet.
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Getting .Started .with .Caching
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13 XML and XQuery
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Consult the .NET and SQL Server documentation for complete details of the structure and use of a DiffGram.
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11. The Power of Variable Names
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Figure 7-13. DROP INDEX command syntax diagram Here is an example of removing an index: SQL> drop index year_sal_idx; Index dropped. SQL>
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For the host, enter the address of your FTP server (likely it will be something like The standard FTP port is 21; that will work for most users. If you have problems connecting, check your firewall settings to make sure port 21 isn t blocked. For logontype select Normal so FileZilla will send the username and password. Enter the username and password for the FTP server. Note that some web providers supply a different username/password for their FTP sites than their main web logins. Be sure to check the support area of your web provider s site for information on FTP configuration.
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def self.count_to_small_number x = 0 1000.times { x += 1 } end end Calculator.count_to_large_number Calculator.count_to_small_number datamatrix generator
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Core Facilities Roots: Static fields Method parameters Local variables CPU registers
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Configuring Advanced DNS Server Properties
Authentication and Clients
If you re really into customization, you can change any of the five icons that appear in the large box in the center. Note that the Control Panel icon will not appear in this center box, even if you select its check box; customizing the Control Panel icon, like changing the Windows startup sound, is not permitted. To change an icon, select it in the center box and click Change Icon. You ll find an interesting assortment of alternative icons in the file %SystemRoot%\System32\ Imageres.dll (be sure to use the horizontal scroll bar to see them all). If none of those suit you, try browsing to %SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll.
Testing Semitemporal Constraints
protected DataTable CreateSelectedItemsTable(DataTable tableSchema) { DataTable tableSelectedItemsData = new DataTable(); foreach (DataColumn dc in tableSchema.Columns) { tableSelectedItemsData.Columns.Add(dc.ColumnName, dc.DataType); } return tableSelectedItemsData;
CLR Scalar UDFs
In order to view the isolated storage saved on your machine, simply right-click any Silverlight application and select Silverlight Configuration from the pop-up menu. This will display the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration window. Navigate to the Application Storage tab, as shown in Figure 8-8. There, you can see your test application in the listing, and depending on what other Silverlight applications you have accessed, you may see other web sites listed.
.tpl file) and its associated Smarty Plugin file, which contains the presentation tier logic (a .php file). In cases of simple pages that don t need an associated .php code file, such as the header, we ll use just a Smarty Design Template file. You'll meet Smarty plugins in 3, and you can learn more about them at
Adding the Items to the Cache Now (at last) the code can add some items to the cache. It adds four items: the first uses the NeverExpired expiration, the second uses the array that contains the file dependency and extended format time expiration, and the other two just use the simple approach to caching items that you saw in the first example of this chapter. The code then displays the contents of the cache and waits for you to press a key.
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