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Local System
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The license agreement for a retail copy of Windows Vista allows you to transfer it to another computer, provided that you completely remove it from the computer on which it was previously installed. An OEM copy, by contrast, is tied to the computer on which it was originally installed. You may reinstall an OEM copy of Windows Vista an unlimited number of times on the same computer. However, you are prohibited by the license agreement from transferring that copy of Windows to another computer.
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VPN Client Routing and Simultaneous Intranet and Internet Access
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cannot allow missing values that cannot be accounted for (for example, some invoicing systems). Try telling the Internal Revenue Service that some of the missing invoice IDs in your system are a result of the nonblocking manner in which identity values are managed.
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The Options tab in the Command Prompt window s properties dialog box, shown in Figure B-4 on the next page, offers a variety of options that affect how your Command Prompt window operates.
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<trace enabled="true" mostRecent="true" requestLimit="50" />
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Listing 8-2 shows the code-behind file for a sample that selects data from the Northwind database in SQL Server. The select query is shown here: SELECT CustomerID,CompanyName,ContactName FROM Customers WHERE ContactTitle= Owner When the data is retrieved, it s displayed on a page in an HTML table. Listing 8-2 SimpleSelect.aspx.vb, the code-behind file used to display the results of a simple query
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AppearanceEditorPart control to the EditorZone.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Figure 3-29 Rarely used but very effective: comparative pie charts
For information on the fixed statement, see the "Unsafe Code" section in 6.
Symbols are abstract references represented, typically, by a short string prefixed with a colon. Examples include :blue, :good, and :name. Sadly, there is no succinct, easy-to-learn trick to symbols, so you ll need to read this whole section maybe even more than once to get it to stick. It certainly took me a while to pick them up several years ago, but they are used so consistently by Rubyists that it s worth the effort! Among mainstream languages, symbols are reasonably unique to Ruby (although Lisp and Erlang do have similar concepts) and tend to confuse most new users, so let s jump straight into an illustrative example: current_situation = :good puts "Everything is fine" if current_situation == :good puts "PANIC!" if current_situation == :bad
So far, instances of the FlagsAttribute class can be applied to any target, but this attribute should really be applied to enumerated types only . It doesn t make sense to apply the attribute to a property or a method . To tell the compiler where this attribute can legally be applied, you apply an instance of the System.AttributeUsageAttribute class to the attribute class . Here s the new code:
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