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The personalization data is added to the HTTP context of a request before the request begins its processing route. Once bound to the HTTP context object, the personalization data is available through the Profile property. But which system component is in charge of loading personalization data ASP.NET 2.0 employs a new HTTP module for this purpose named ProfileModule. The module attaches itself to a couple of HTTP events and gets involved after a request has been authorized and when the request is about to end. If the personalization feature is off, the module returns immediately. Otherwise, it fires the Personalize event to the application and loads personalization data from the current user profile. When the Personalize event fires, the personalization data hasn t been loaded yet. Next the module deals with anonymous users. As mentioned, anonymous users can store and retrieve settings that are persisted using an anonymous unique ID. However, if at a certain point a hitherto anonymous user decides to create an account with the Web site, you might need to migrate to its account all the settings that she made as an anonymous user. This migration doesn t occur automatically. The personalization module fires an event MigrateAnonymous that, properly handled, allows you to import anonymous settings into the profile of a logged on user. The following pseudocode demonstrates how to handle the migration of an anonymous profile:
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Getting Streams from Files
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If the order service receives an order message and wants to begin a dialog to the inventory service in the same conversation group as the incoming order dialog, it would take the conversation group ID out of the incoming message and begin the inventory dialog like this:
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Figure 7-22 also shows the Tacos Debug Console, which is a very useful tool for debugging Tacos-based AJAX applications.
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Standard versus offline client Integration points Data synchronization Remote workers
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void M2(String s) { Int32 length = s.Length; Int32 tally; return; }
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Redirect to claims issuer (WS Federation Authentication module).
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an ellipsoidal coordinate system is used, which has latitude and longitude components . Units of measure are defined by the unit_of_measurement field in the sys.spatial_references view for the given SRID value . Typically, these units are meters . (Out of the 390 geodetic coordinate systems defined in the sys.spatial_references view, only eight use a different unit of measurement .)
The top row of the palette contains the colors belonging to a theme, organized into background, text, and accent colors . Below this row, five variants of each of the colors are provided, in varying shades from light to dark . Important To recap: These palette colors are linked to a specific, integrated theme, which
Loops and arrays are often related. In many instances, a loop is created to perform an array manipulation, and loop counters correspond one-to-one with array indexes. For example, the Java for loop indexes below correspond to the array indexes:
OrdersDups contains three copies of each order, and the task at hand is to remove rows with duplicate data, keeping only one occurrence of each unique orderid value. I suggest two techniques for handling the task. The factor that determines which technique is most ef cient is the percentage of rows that need to be removed out of the total number of rows in the table. With a small percentage, you re better off deleting the relevant rows directly from the table using a fully logged DELETE statement. However, with a large percentage, you might be better off copying the rows you need to keep to another table using a minimally logged operation, dropping the original table, renaming the new one to the original table name, and re-creating all constraints, indexes, and triggers. Here s the code that implements the solution I recommend when a small percentage of rows needs to be removed:
Anot her approach to this problem 6 is to use a decision table. For 7 details, see 18, 8 Table-Driven Methods.
Log Enabled Filter
Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: Server options allow you to set up configuration options for all the scopes on the DHCP server. Scope options override server options, and scope option 006 is already configured. B. Incorrect: This action flushes the DNS cache. It has no effect on the primary DNS server address configured for the two PCs. C. Incorrect: This action would solve the immediate problem, but it is bad practice. If the IP address of the DNS server were to change again, the two PCs would have to be reconfigured, creating unnecessary work. D. Correct: This problem exists because the two clients have DHCP reservations, and option 006 is configured for the client reservations. Because client options override scope options, reconfiguring scope option 006 has no effect on these two clients.
1. Open the Connection Manager Administration Kit Wizard, and click Next. 2. On the Service Profile Selection page, click Existing Profile, click L2TPCorp, and click Next.
Sample of Visual Basic Code Protected Sub Page_PreInit(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.PreInit Table1.BorderWidth = 1 For row As Integer = 0 To 4 Dim tr As New TableRow() For column As Integer = 0 To 2 Dim tc As New TableCell() tc.Text = String.Format("Row:{0} Cell:{1}", row, column) tc.BorderWidth = 1 tr.Cells.Add(tc) Next column Table1.Rows.Add(tr) Next row End Sub
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