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What must you do to enable users to select their own language preferences (outside of browser and machine settings) (Choose all that apply.)
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<modules> <add name="LoggingModule" type="LoggingModule" /> </modules>
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Basic Encryption (MPPE 40-Bit) For dial-up and PPTP-based VPN connec tions, MPPE is used with a 40-bit key. For L2TP/IPSec VPN connections, 56-bit DES encryption is used. Strong Encryption (MPPE 56-Bit) For dial-up and PPTP VPN connections, MPPE is used with a 56-bit key. For L2TP/IPSec VPN connections, 56-bit DES encryption is used. Strongest Encryption (MPPE 128-Bit) For dial-up and PPTP VPN connections, MPPE is used with a 128-bit key. For L2TP/IPSec VPN connections, 168-bit triple DES encryption is used. No Encryption This option allows unencrypted connections matching the remote access policy conditions. To require encryption, clear this option.
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publisher policy information. The second and third parts of the name, 1.0, tell the CLR that this publisher policy assembly is for any version of the JeffTypes assembly that has a major and minor version of 1.0. Publisher policies apply to the major and minor version numbers of an assembly only; you can t create a publisher policy that is specific to individual builds or revisions of an assembly. The fourth part of the name, JeffTypes, indicates the name of the assembly that this publisher policy corresponds to. The fifth and last part of the name, dll, is simply the extension given to the resulting assembly file. The /version switch This switch identifies the version of the publisher policy assembly; this version number has nothing to do with the JeffTypes assembly itself. You see, publisher policy assemblies can also be versioned. Today, the publisher might create a publisher policy redirecting version of JeffTypes to version In the future, the publisher might want to direct version of JeffTypes to version The CLR uses this version number so that it knows to pick up the latest version of the publisher policy assembly. The /keyfile switch This switch causes AL.exe to sign the publisher policy assembly using the publisher s public/private key pair. This key pair must also match the key pair used for all versions of the JeffTypes assembly. After all, this is how the CLR knows that the same publisher created both the JeffTypes assembly and this publisher policy file. The /linkresource switch This switch tells AL.exe that the XML configuration file is to be considered a separate file of the assembly. The resulting assembly consists of two files, both of which must be packaged and deployed to the users along with the new version of the JeffTypes assembly. By the way, you can t use AL.exe s /embedresource switch to embed the XML configuration file into the assembly file, making a single file assembly, because the CLR requires that the XML file be contained in its own, separate file. Once this publisher policy assembly is built, it can be packaged together with the new JeffTypes.dll assembly file and deployed to users. The publisher policy assembly must be installed into the GAC. While the JeffTypes assembly can also be installed into the GAC, it doesn t have to be. It could be deployed into an application s base directory or some other directory identified by a codeBase URL. Important A publisher should create a publisher policy assembly only when deploying a bug fix or a service pack version of an assembly. When installing an application out of the box, no publisher policy assemblies should be installed. I want to make one last point about publisher policy. Say that a publisher distributes a publisher policy assembly and for some reason the new assembly introduces more bugs than it fixes. If this happens, the administrator would like to tell the CLR to ignore the publisher policy assembly. To have the runtime do this, the administrator can edit the application s configuration file and add the following publisherPolicy element:
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String Name MD5 SHA1 SHA256 SHA-256 SHA348 SHA-348 SHA512 SHA-512
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In this example, newing up a T is legal because T is known to be a type that has a public, parameterless constructor . This is certainly true of all value types, and the constructor constraint requires that it be true of any reference type specified as a type argument . Sometimes, developers would like to declare a type parameter by using a constructor constraint whereby the constructor takes various parameters itself . As of now, the CLR (and therefore the C# compiler) supports only parameterless constructors . Microsoft feels that this will be good enough for almost all scenarios, and I agree .
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defining a Finalize method looks just like the syntax you d use to define a C++ destructor . In fact, the C# Programming Language Specification calls this method a destructor . However, a Finalize method doesn t work like an unmanaged C++ destructor at all, and this has caused a great deal of confusion for developers migrating from one language to another . The problem is that developers mistakenly believe that using the C# destructor syntax means that the type s objects will be deterministically destructed, just as they would be in C++ . However, the CLR doesn t support deterministic destruction, preventing C# from providing this mechanism .
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<Rectangle Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Height="100" Width="100" Stroke="#FF000000" StrokeThickness="1" <Rectangle Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="1" Height="100" Width="100" Stroke="#FF000000" StrokeThickness="1" <Rectangle Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Height="100" Width="100" Stroke="#FF000000" StrokeThickness="5" <Rectangle Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" Height="100" Width="100" Stroke="#FF000000" StrokeThickness="5" <Rectangle Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Height="100" Width="100" Stroke="#FF000000" StrokeThickness="5" <Rectangle Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="1" Height="100" Width="100" Stroke="#FF000000" StrokeThickness="5" </Grid>
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A component has a structure very similar to a module. The primary difference comes from the user interface portions of the extension. A component can have a complete Administrator interface, whereas a module is limited to simple parameter settings. The interface for a component is accessible through the Components menu of the Administrator interface. Additionally, since components are included in the central column of most templates, they have a great deal more control over the presentation of screen output than modules do. Components can also have direct menu links that take the user to the
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A. Incorrect: This is a base web event class that includes request data. B. Incorrect: This is a base web event class for logging audit events. c. Incorrect: This class sends an event when the website starts, stops, or processes another
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These requirements were fulfilled with a window chart, which I will describe below together with the background situation . First of all, I explain a pseudochart that is based on the same information and uses one of the innovations in Excel 2007 in an unusual way . On the Companion CD Open the file \Samples\0908_LongSequence.xlsx on the CD-ROM . From right to left in the worksheet: As usual for rS1 models, there is a NamesIndex, as usual you should take a look at it . The Lists 1 contains 85 year-month label combinations that can be selected via a control . As mentioned above: a mouse click is supposed to decide which calendar month of which calendar year is the first month of a 12-month period . This requires only 85 list entries for 96 months . The Data 1 worksheet contains the 96 values including their calendar label text . Next to these, in column M, a flexible data block with the height of 12 rows is determined with identical average values using formulas . This at first looks like a strange construct, but it reacts to the setting of the control (to the value in cell rL1.StartSel) and is required for a specific presentation in the Focus 2 worksheet .
The last 20 chapters demonstrate how ASP .NET makes Web development approachable by pushing most HTML rendering to the ASP .NET Control class and its descendents . In addition, the ASP .NET pipeline hides many of the details of a Web request so that you can focus on your part in development . The next few chapters show alternative paths for producing content for the end user, including information on ASP .NET support for AJAX, its implementation of the Model-View-Controller pattern, and how Microsoft Silverlight works . This chapter starts by discussing how you can render Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)based content to the browser .
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Font: Here, the Arial font was determined as the Font property . Generally, this font is considerably easier to see in such objects than are most other fonts .
When designing your security strategy for Active Directory Certificate Services, ensure that you identify all threats that are relevant to your deployment. For each threat, ensure that you take measures to mitigate the threats, yet deliver the functionality that you need from Certificate Services. In addition to mitigating threats, ensure that you provide good physical security for your CAs:
Postconditions Used to validate state when a method terminates either due to a normal return or due to throwing an exception . Object Invariants Used to ensure an object s fields remain in a good state through an object s entire lifetime .
De nition of Set Partition
Create a pagefile Create global objects Create symbolic links Debug programs Force shutdown from a remote system Impersonate a client after authentication Increase scheduling priority Load and unload device drivers Log on as a batch job Manage auditing and security log Modify firmware environment values Perform volume maintenance tasks Profile single process Profile system performance Remove computer from docking station Restore files and directories Shut down the system Take ownership of files or other objects Access this computer from the network Allow log on locally Back up files and directories Bypass traverse checking Log on as a batch job Restore files and directories Shut down the system Access this computer from the network Bypass traverse checking Allow logon locally Deny access to this computer from the network* Deny log on locally
Importing a registry hive file replaces the entire content of the selected key with the contents of the file regardless of its original source . That is, it wipes out everything in the selected key and then adds the keys and values from the file . When you import, be absolutely certain that you ve selected the correct key .
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