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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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Then you will obtain a listing of the processes on the machine that includes the PIDs, as shown in Figure 12-13.
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Database Plug-ins
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Windows 2003 Domain Controller
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And here is a class that shows how to use the SimpleSpinLock:
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4 Silverlight XAML Basics
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First, look at the XAML for the clock. Note that this XAML is abbreviated just to show the three clock hands and their animations:
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13. Unusual Data Types
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20.4 When to Do Quality Assurance
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The init method found in AdminOrderDetails advances the pipeline to the next section if the Process button is clicked; the presence of this button on the page depends on the value of the mProcessButtonText member. This value is set to Confirm Stock if the current pipeline section is 3 (awaiting stock confirmation), or to Confirm Shipment if the current pipeline section is 6 (awaiting shipment confirmation). If the current pipeline section is not set to 3 or 6, it means that the order has been completed successfully, and the button is not shown. The administrator can always check what happened to the order by checking the audit trail that is displayed on the page. All that remains now is to check that everything is working properly. To do this, use the web interface to place an order, and then check it out via the orders details admin section. You should see that the order is awaiting confirmation of stock, as shown earlier in Figure 14-7. Click the Confirm Stock for Order button and the order is processed. Because this happens very quickly, you are soon presented with the next stage, where the Confirm Stock for Order button is replaced by a new button named Confirm Shipment, and the audit trail shows a new set of data. Clicking the Confirm Shipment button completes the order. If you scroll down the page, you can see all audit trail messages that have been stored in the database concerning this order.
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sum = 0; for ( row = 0; row < rowCount; row++ ) { for ( column = 0; column < columnCount; column++ ) { sum = sum + matrix[ row ][ column ]; } }
Previously, you created a simple class (Person), created an object of that class, assigned it as the person_instance variable, and gave it an identity (you called it Robert ) that you queried. If these concepts seem simple to you, well done you understand the bare basics of object orientation! If not, reread the previous section and make sure you follow along on your computer, but also read this section, as I m going to go into a little more depth. You started out with a Person class, but now you need something a bit more complex, so let s create some pets to live inside Ruby. You ll create some cats, dogs, and snakes. The first step is to define the classes. You could do something like this: class Cat attr_accessor :name, :age, :gender, :color end
If you are familiar with this page, you ll notice that there is an extra tab for Silverlight. This is selected in Figure 3-7 and shows the Silverlight options. The Assembly Name defaults to the project name. When the application is compiled into a DLL, this is the name that is used. The Default Namespace also defaults to the project name. If you reference classes in the project, they are prefixed by this namespace.
Password of P*4s=wq!Gx1. For the account properties of the VPN_Portland account, the User Must
1 . How do you mark a class or interface as a WCF service 2. How do you mark methods in an interface or class so that they are exposed as
Now that we ve moved those over, let s change our folder redirection to point to the new server. (You can skip this step entirely if you haven t enabled Folder Redirection on your existing SBS 2003 network.) To change the folder redirection, use the following steps:
A self join is simply a join between two instances of the same table. I've already shown examples of self joins without classifying them explicitly as such. Here's a simple example of a self join between two instances of the Employees table, one representing employees (E), and the other representing managers (M): USE Northwind; SELECT E.FirstName, E.LastName AS emp, M.FirstName, M.LastName AS mgr FROM dbo.Employees AS E LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Employees AS M ON E.ReportsTo = M.EmployeeID;
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