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Adding Additional Details About an Album or Track
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Description Defines the style of the Remember Me check box. Gets or sets the text of a link to a registration page for new users. Gets or sets the URL to the new-user registration page. Gets or sets the URL of the page displayed to the user when a login attempt is successful. Indicates whether to enable the user to choose to store an authentication cookie on the user s computer. Indicates whether to validate the text-entry fields of the control. Gets or sets the action that occurs when a login attempt fails. Options are Refresh (the page is refreshed to display an error message) or RedirectToLoginPage (redisplays the login page). Gets or sets the text displayed when a login attempt fails. Defines the style of the error text. Gets or sets the text of a link to the help page. Gets or sets the URL to the help page. Defines the style of the hyperlink controls displayed in the control. Gets or sets login instruction text for the user. Defines the style for instruction text. Defines the style of the control labels. Gets or sets the template used to display the contents of the control. Gets or sets the name of the membership data provider used by the control.
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Online. This option applies only to on-premise or partner-hosted deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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Note You can learn more about layouts at
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Troubleshoot a Website
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Configuring ActiveX Controls
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Lesson 5
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Element Syntax data matrix
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Lesson 1: Creating HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules
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In the RRAS snap-in, you check that the passrouter account appears under Dial-In Cli ents. What do you check next A. An L2TP port is available on housrouter for the connection. B. The user name passrouter matches the name of a demand-dial interface on hous router. C. Packet filters on the demand-dial interfaces of the calling router and answering router are preventing the flow of traffic. D. Packet filters on the remote access policy profile are preventing the flow of IP traffic.
For clarity, Figure 6 shows the logical sequence, not the physical sequence. Wherever the diagram has an arrow with a Redirect label, this actually sends a redirect response back to the browser, and the browser then sends a request to wherever the redirect message specifies. The following describes the steps illustrated in Figure 6: 1. The process starts when an unauthenticated user sends a request for a protected resource; for example the adatum/surveys page. This invokes a method in the SurveysController class. 2. The AuthenticateAndAuthorizeAttribute attribute that implements the MVC IAuthorizationFilter interface is applied to this controller class. Because the user has not yet been authenticated, this will redirect the user to the Tailspin federation provider at https://localhost/TailSpin.SimulatedIssuer with the following querystring parameter values: wa. Wsignin1.0 wtrealm. wctx. whr. http://adatum/trust wreply. The following code example shows the AuthenticateUser method in the AuthenticateAndAuthorizeAttribute class that builds the query string.
figure 3 Handling survey results greater than 8 KB in size
that it's a text editor that has a little bit of code already written for you. By default, the language is JScript, but I'll show you how to change the default to VBScript in a moment. Starting the recording is as simple as pressing the Record button on the toolbar or pressing Ctrl+R. When recording, TESTREC.EXE automatically minimizes itself and changes its caption to "RECORDING!," so you'll know what it's doing. You can stop recording in several different ways. The easiest is to set focus to TESTREC.EXE by either pressing Alt+Tab or clicking on the application. Recording will also stop if you press Ctrl+Break or Ctrl+Alt+Delete; the former is suggested in the hook documentation, and the latter is appropriate when you want the system to forcibly cancel any active journaling hooks (which is how TESTREC.EXE does its magic). Before you go off and start recording a million scripts, you'll need to do a little planning to take complete advantage of Tester. Although Tester handles mouse recording and playback, your scripts will be much more robust if you can do as much work as possible with keystrokes. One nice feature is that when recording, Tester works hard to keep track of the window with the focus. By default, for single mouse clicks and double-clicks, Tester will generate code to set the focus to the top-level window before processing the click or clicks. In addition, when recoding with keystrokes, Tester monitors Alt+Tab combinations to set the focus when you finish shifting focus. Since mouse recording can generate a million statements in a script, TESTREC.EXE, by default, records only single mouse clicks, double-clicks, and drag actions every 50 pixels. Of course, I did the right thing and allowed you to specify exactly how you want your scripts recorded. Figure 16-1 shows TESTREC.EXE's Script Recording Options dialog box, which is accessible by pressing Ctrl+T or selecting Script Options from the Scripts menu. All items shown are the default values.
8 Entity Customization: Views and Charts
Sample of Visual Basic Code <%@ Page Language="VB" Async="true" AutoEventWireup="false" %>
DLLs produced by C# and most other managed programming languages do not have a DllMain in them at all and so managed DLLs will not receive the DLL_THREAD_ATTACH and DLL_THREAD_DETACH notifications improving performance . In addition, unmanaged DLLs can opt out of these notifications by calling the Win32 DisableThreadLibraryCalls function . Unfortunately, many unmanaged developers are not aware of this function, so they don t call it .
Pascal Example of Creating a Type for Employee Names
Origin of SQL Pronunciation
TAbLE 9-3 Query Traversing and Filtering Functions
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