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n Note In a real-world situation, you would typically have two scripts, each on a different machine and
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while ( *charPtr != "\0" ) ...
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The code listed in the InitializationComplete handler interrogates the current WebPartManager for the supported display modes and puts them in the DropDownList . . 8 . . Add a handler for the DropDownListDisplayModes drop-down list when the SelectedIndexChanged event occurs . Have the handler switch the WebPart page into the selected mode . The following code shows how:
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To Trust or Not to Trust
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Finally, the FCL also allows you to encode 16-bit characters to an arbitrary code page . As with the ASCII encoding, encoding to a code page is dangerous because any character whose value can t be expressed in the specified code page is lost . You should always use UTF-16 or UTF-8 encoding unless you must work with some legacy files or applications that already use one of the other encodings . When you need to encode or decode a set of characters, you should obtain an instance of a class derived from System.Text.Encoding . Encoding is an abstract base class that offers several static readonly properties, each of which returns an instance of an Encoding-derived class . Here s an example that encodes and decodes characters by using UTF-8:
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Write to build operational store
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One thing that s important to keep in mind when you build a claimsbased application is that you re never going to know about all the users that could use your application. You ve given up that control in
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Group Policy Object
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& (ampersand) must be replaced with & " (quote) must be replaced with " < (less than) must be replaced with < > (greater than) must be replaced with > ' (apostrophe) must be replaced with '
Notice the addition of the title attribute to the user control definition. This tells the Web Part what title to display according to the Web Part s chrome style setting.
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