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const int SCREEN = 0; const int PRINTER = 1; const int FILE = 2;
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<NorthwindInfo> <Employees> <employeeid>1</employeeid> <lastname>Davolio</lastname> <firstname>Nancy</firstname> </Employees> <Territories> <employeeid>1</employeeid> <territoryid>06897</territoryid> </Territories> </NorthwindInfo> Basically, the XML representation of a DataSet object contains rows of data grouped under a root node. Each row is rendered with a subtree in which child nodes represent columns. The contents of each column are stored as the text of the node. The link between a row and the parent table is established through the name of the row node. In the preceding listing, the <Employees> </Employees> subtree represents a row in a DataTable object named Employees. Modes of Writing Table 9-2 summarizes the writing options available for use with WriteXml through the XmlWriteMode enumeration.
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Figure 6-16. Configure the Page Viewer Web Part in the task pane.
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Services running on Windows Server 2008 (and Windows Vista) have improved significantly over previous versions of Windows. Services now run in least-privilege modes, with service-specific SIDs, isolated in Session 0, with restricted network access, and with DEP and ASLR protections. Administrators can help minimize malicious risk from services by removing unneeded services from their environment, and following a least-privilege model for services they design and purchase. Although Windows will always be a target for malicious hackers, least-privileged services will make it tougher for them to succeed.
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recordCount = 0; while ( moreScores() ) {
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single line of text, whole number, and date and time single line of text and multiple lines of text option set option set and two options option set and two options whole number, floating point number, decimal number, and currency whole number, floating point number, decimal number, and currency floating point number, decimal number, and currency lookup lookup single line of text, whole number, floating point number, decimal number, currency, multiple lines of text, and date and time
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Lesson 1: Debugging Websites
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Copy an existing shortcut and modify the copy Right-drag an object to the place where you want the shortcut, then choose Create Shortcuts Here (in some cases, you can drag with the left mouse button, but rightdragging always works) Right-click an object in Windows Explorer and choose Create Shortcut (to create a shortcut in the same location as the object; subsequently you can move or copy the new shortcut)
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Page 19
In this statement, the first argument is the SQL query passed to the local database to be executed. The second argument is an array of JavaScript values that can be used in the query. The third argument, dataHandler, is a callback function to handle the response. Finally, the last argument, errorHandler, is a callback for an error handling function. In this chapter we presented only some of the more popular features of HTML5, which contains lots of cool features beyond the highlights we presented here. Furthermore, HTML5 is a dynamic standard. New features are constantly invented, with implementation following at an amazingly fast pace. For a current snapshot of the latest features supported in QtWebKit please look at the latest supported standards page at:
The output here shows that using the generic List algorithm with the Int32 type is much faster than using the non-generic ArrayList algorithm with Int32 . In fact, the difference is phenomenal: .1 second versus 3 seconds . That s 30 times faster! In addition, using a value type (Int32) with ArrayList causes a lot of boxing operations to occur, which results in 45 garbage collections . Meanwhile, the List algorithm required 0 garbage collections . The result of the test using reference types is not as momentous . Here we see that the times and number of garbage collections are about the same . So it doesn t appear that the generic List algorithm is of any benefit here . However, keep in mind that when using a generic algorithm, you also get cleaner code and compile-time type safety . So while the performance improvement is not huge, the other benefits you get when using a generic algorithm are usually an improvement . Note You do need to realize that the CLR generates native code for each method the first time
1. In SharePoint, choose Create from the top menu, then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Web Part Page to go to the page for the New Web Part Page (see Figure 7-18).
Turning Off UAC
One operating system compact disc for Windows XP Professional One copy of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools
When an event is raised, the object raising the event may want to pass some additional information to the objects receiving the event notification . This additional information needs to be encapsulated into its own class, which typically contains a bunch of private fields along with some read-only public properties to expose these fields . By convention, classes that hold event information to be passed to the event handler should be derived from System.EventArgs, and the name of the class should be suffixed with EventArgs . In this example, the NewMailEventArgs class has fields identifying who sent the message (m_from), who is receiving the message (m_to), and the subject of the message (m_subject) .
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