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List some of the ways that you can prompt the user for this information in an organized fashion, keeping the displayed prompts to a minimum so that the customer does not feel inundated with too many prompts.
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some operation failed and the exception type tells you what the failure was . To track down the specific location of the failure will require examining the exception object s StackTrace property and manually scanning your source code . CancellationToken s Register method returns a CancellationTokenRegistration,
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The Catalog Recovery Wizard can recover the backup catalog. This wizard is available only when the backup catalog is corrupted.
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Part V
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22. Developer Testing
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. Your organization uses a proprietary protocol named XCA that communicates over two separate TCP ports. You have been asked to allow external users to commu nicate with users on your internal network by means of XCA. What is the minimum number of packet filters you must create on your Windows Server 2003 remote access server that will enable XCA connections to and from your internal network
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using System; using System.IO; public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { FileStream fs = null; // Initialized to null (required) // Open the first file to be processed. ProcessFiles(ref fs); // Continue while there are more files to process. for (; fs != null; ProcessFiles(ref fs)) { // Process a file. fs.Read(...); } } private static void ProcessFiles(ref FileStream fs) { // Close the previous file if one was open. if (fs != null) fs.Close(); // Close the last file worked on. // Open the next file, or if no more files, "return" null. if (noMoreFilesToProcess) fs = null; else fs = new FileStream (...); } }
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The CUBE and ROLLUP keywords generate many null values in query results, as you can see in Listings 8-37 and 8-38. You can distinguish these system-generated null values from other null values; for example, to replace them with some explanatory text. You can use the GROUPING and GROUPING_ID functions for that purpose.
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Return to the Authors.cs class file. Add using (Imports in Visual Basic) statements to the class file for System.Data, System.Data.SqlClient, and System.Configuration. Add a private variable at the class level to store the connection string to the Pubs database. Name this variable _cnnString, as shown in the following code.
C# protected override void ConfigureAggregateCatalog() { base.ConfigureAggregateCatalog(); DirectoryCatalog catalog = new DirectoryCatalog("DirectoryModules"); this.AggregateCatalog.Catalogs.Add(catalog); }
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A. Redirect B. MapPath c. Transfer D. UrlDecode
Now we know what kind of PE file we ve created . But what exactly is in the Program .exe file A managed PE file has four main parts: the PE32(+) header, the CLR header, the metadata, and the IL . The PE32(+) header is the standard information that Windows expects . The CLR header is a small block of information that is specific to modules that require the CLR (managed modules) . The header includes the major and minor version number of the CLR that the module was built for: some flags, a MethodDef token (described later) indicating the module s entry point method if this module is a CUI or GUI executable, and an optional strong-name
7. Modify the presentation/templates/admin_order_details.tpl template as highlighted: <form action="{"admin.php"|prepare_link:"https"}" method="get"> <input type="hidden" name="Page" value="OrderDetails" /> <input type="hidden" name="OrderId" value="{$admin_order_details->mOrderInfo.order_id}" /> <table class="edit"> <tr> <td class="admin_page_text">Total Amount: </td> <td class="price"> ${$admin_order_details->mTotalCost} </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="admin_page_text">Tax: </td> <td class="price"> {$admin_order_details->mOrderInfo.tax_type} ${$admin_order_details->mTaxCost} </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="admin_page_text">Shipping: </td> <td class="price"> {$admin_order_details->mOrderInfo.shipping_type} </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="admin_page_text">Date Created: </td> <td> {$admin_order_details->mOrderInfo.created_on|date_format:"%Y-%m-%d %T"}
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1. Create a new template file named admin_categories.tpl in the presentation/templates folder, and add the following code to it: {* admin_categories.tpl *} {load_admin_categories assign="admin_categories"} <span class="admin_page_text"> Editing categories for department: {$admin_categories->mDepartmentName} [ {strip} <a href="{$admin_categories->mAdminDepartmentsLink|prepare_link:"https"}"> back to departments ... </a>
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