Modifying a SharePoint List in Office Excel

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26 Editing the Registry
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Introducing ASP.NET 4
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You would extract it into its own MSBuild project le, which we ll call TFSBuildCustomizations.proj: read barcode-scanner
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Core Facilities
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Silverlight control events look much like typical .NET events . The event handlers all use an object as the first parameter (always the sender) . Following the sender parameter, the handlers include some permutation of the standard event arguments . To manage events Silverlight uses routed events, which are like typical .NET events in that handlers for routed events can be attached directly to the controls that produce them (for example, the Button control exposes a Click event) . However, routed events are different because you can attach handlers for events at various places up and down the Silverlight visual tree . That is, you do not need to attach the handlers directly to the controls . This can be useful in various scenarios . For example, imagine you want to trap the left mouse down event for all elements in a layout panel (within a Grid, for instance) . Rather than attaching singular event handlers
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varcts = new CancellationTokenSource(); cts.Token.Register(() => Console.WriteLine("Canceled 1")); cts.Token.Register(() => Console.WriteLine("Canceled 2")); // To test, let's just cancel it now and have the 2 callbacks execute cts.Cancel();
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Using Server Controls
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By double-clicking any frame in the summary pane, you can toggle between the orig inal summary pane view and the three-pane view, which includes the summary pane, the details pane, and the hexadecimal (hex) pane. Figure 3-5 shows the three-pane view of the Frame Viewer window.
Abstract goal You want to represent whether and, if necessary, how two different measurements relate to each other . Concrete goal You want to visualize the findings of a study that examined, among other things, the weight of people who were a certain height . You want your chart to show how the weight/height relationships for all people examined were distributed as a whole .
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Shareable (KB) Amount of the working set memory (in kilobytes) that may be available for other use
Creating a lead score variable
The Template Categories pane on the left offers a number of ready-made database applications you can customize to fit your own data requirements. The center panel enables you to start a new blank database or choose an online template. The Open Recent Database pane displays any database files you ve used recently and provides a More link you can use to navigate to additional files.
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ExecuteStream is the key method in the interface in the sense that all other execute methods fall back internally to it. In particular, ExecuteNonQuery merely wraps a call to ExecuteStream, whereas ExecuteXmlReader creates and returns an XmlTextReader object built using the stream obtained from ExecuteStream. ExecuteToStream does not use ExecuteStream internally, but the two methods have a similar architecture and use the same internal worker method. Basically, ExecuteStream calls an internal executor and sets it to work on a memory stream. The memory stream (MemoryStream class) is then returned as a generic Stream object. ExecuteToStream, instead, reads from, and writes to, the user-provided stream object. Figure 8-6 shows these two methods in action.
The Copy Web tool displays two panes: Source Web Site and Remote Web Site. The source website is the site from which you want to copy. The remote website is the copy-to site or destination. To set up a remote website, you must create a connection by clicking Connect at the top of the tool. This launches the Open Web Site dialog box, which allows you to find a website. There are four options for navigating to a remote website:
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