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and IAS Servers Access Check object by checking the security permis sions on the object and making sure that the security group exists and that it has Read permissions.
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Do your TCP/IP settings point to the right DNS servers Inspect the details of your IP configuration and compare the DNS servers listed there with those recommended by your internet service provider. (You may need to call your ISP to get these details.)
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Lesson 1: Getting Started with LINQ
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SQL Server 2005 introduced several optimization enhancements in regards to indexed views, whereas SQL Server 2008 introduces improved support for partitioned tables . The optimization enhancements in SQL Server 2005 include support for subintervals (for example, you can use an index when the view s query has the filter col1 > 5 and the outer query has the filter col1 > 10) and logically equivalent expressions (for example, you can use an index when the view s query has the filter col1 = 5 and the outer query has 5 = col1), and others . SQL Server 2008 improves support for partitioned tables by allowing more types of operations on partitioned tables without requiring dropping and re-creating the index on the view, as was required in some cases in SQL Server 2005 . SQL Server 2008 supports a feature called partition-aligned indexed views, which means that the query processor automatically maintains an indexed view created on a partitioned table when a new partition is switched in . When you switch a partition in or out of a partitioned table, you are no longer required to drop the index on the view and re-create it later . More Info For detailed information about indexed views in SQL Server 2008 and
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Unordered Nonclustered Index Scan + Lookups
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In ADO.NET 2.0, the MARS feature is enabled by default when SQL Server 2005 is the database server. To disable MARS, you set the MultipleActiveResultSets attribute to false in the connection string.
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if ( a < b == c == d ) ...
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Client B IP address: Default gateway:
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Subnetting and Supernetting IP Networks
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Step-by-Step Template Creation
<asp:WebPartManager ID="WebPartManager1" runat="server"> <StaticConnections> <asp:webPartConnection ID="conn1" ProviderID="Provider1" ProviderConnectionPointID="GetTextBoxValue" ConsumerID="Consumer1" ConsumerConnectionPointID="ShowTextBoxValue" /> </StaticConnections> </asp:WebPartManager>
S2.endtime >= S1.starttime AND S2.starttime <= S1.endtime
After this lesson, you will be able to:
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