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Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
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Table 16-2. Comparison of Key JDBC and .NET Data Provider Interfaces
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Managing Connectivity
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Verify that the dial-up client, the remote access server, and the remote access policy are configured to use at least one common authentication protocol. Verify that the dial-up client, the remote access server, and the remote access policy are configured to use at least one common encryption strength. Verify that the dial-up remote access connection has the appropriate permissions through dial-in properties of the user account and remote access policies. Verify that the remote access server (or RADIUS server) computer is a member of the RAS And IAS Servers security group in the local domain. Verify that the settings of the remote access policy profile are not in conflict with properties of the remote access server. Verify that, if MS-CHAP v1 is being used as the authentication protocol, the user password does not exceed 14 characters.
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Turning off User Account Control (UAC) is one of the worst things you can do in a small organization, and not just for security reasons. If a piece of software assumes it will be on and
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The Service Broker is disabled in the database where the destination queue is . This is generally caused by a database being attached or restored without the ENABLE_BROKER option . The destination is unknown . Reliable, asynchronous delivery can t fail just because the destination isn t known . The message will hang around on the sys.transmission_queue and be reclassified periodically until the destination is configured or the conversation lifetime expires .
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8: Case scenario Answers
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16-bit signed integer
Notice that the only changes were to add the runat="server" attribute to each control and the form tag. This attribute tells ASP.NET to create server control instances for each of these items. ASP.NET removes the runat attribute when rendering the page for the browser. In addition, the action attribute was removed from the form tag, because with ASP.NET you typically send the data back to the same page. You must define the ID attribute value for every tag that you add the runat="server" attribute to. The value of this ID attribute becomes the name of the control instance in your code. Visual Studio automatically adds a default ID attribute when you add an HTML control. If you decide that you no longer need to program an HTML server control in server code, you should convert it back to a plain HTML element. Each HTML server control in a page uses resources, so it is good practice to minimize the number of controls that the ASP.NET page needs to work with on the server. To do so, open the page in Source view, and then remove the runat="server" attribute from the control s tag. If the HTML element is referenced by client-side script, you should not remove its ID attribute.
TABLE .16-2 . The .HttpCachePolicy .Class
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