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Playing and Organizing a Digital Music Collection
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The simplest method to invoke an existing tool is by using the Exec task. This task is shipped with MSBuild. It can be used to execute any program or command. This is the task that is used to execute the PreBuild and PostBuild events as well. There are several properties on this task, which are summarized in Table 7-1.
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For the curious, here are some more details about this . When the JIT compiler produces native code that modifies a reference field inside an object, the native code includes a call to a write barrier method . This write barrier method checks if the object whose field is being modified is in generation 1 or 2 and if it is, the write barrier code sets a bit in what is called the card table . The card table has 1 bit for every 128-byte range of data in the heap . When the next GC starts, it scans the card table to know which objects in generations 1 and 2 have had their fields changed since the last GC . If any of these modified objects refer to an object in generation 0, then the generation 0 objects survive the collection . After the GC, the card table is reset to all zeroes . The write barrier code causes a slight performance hit when writing to a reference field in an object (as opposed to a local variable or static field) and that performance hit is slightly worse if that object is in generation 1 or 2 .
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New Approaches Getting Started
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Tip 5: Got Gobo
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As you complete the story template in s 4 and 5, you re actually also formatting your information in a speci c way that prepares it for a PowerPoint storyboard. The concise headlines that communicate each act and scene in the story template are the same concise headlines that will communicate clearly to the audience on your PowerPoint slides. Writing headlines for both the story template and the PowerPoint slides is the powerful fulcrum that allows you to leverage PowerPoint software beyond bullet points into a new world of visual storytelling. This process embeds your script in a storyboard and ensures that everything you say and show maps back to the structure and sequence of a story. It also ensures that you have broken up your ideas into bite-size pieces so that working memory can easily digest them. Although you ve nished with the story template for now, it s a good idea to print a copy and keep it handy while you set up and work on your PowerPoint storyboard. The story template gives you the signi cant bene t of seeing your entire story on a single page or two, but when you import your headlines into PowerPoint, you will break the link between story template and storyboard. If you make changes to the headlines or the presentation structure later in PowerPoint, it s always a good idea to update your Microsoft Of ce Word le so that you can still use the story template as an organizing tool.
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2 Setup and Common Tasks
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while ( !done ) ...
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Logical reads 23 Physical reads 22 CPU time 0 ms Elapsed time 437 ms Estimated subtree cost 0.0681393
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attributes Rows and Executes, which hold actual values as opposed to estimated ones. To test this session option, turn it on:
your computer . If you are using your own computer, you probably have Administrator rights . If you are using a computer in an organization and you do not have Administrator rights, please consult your computer support or IT staff . See the Code Samples section in the Introduction for more information .
Add an XAML file to your site Declare a Page within the XAML file
Classes that are derived from types that implement ISerializable must implement the GetObjectData and the special constructor and must ensure that the base versions of these members are invoked.
Results of the Validation Operation The example creates an invalid instance of the AttributedProduct class shown above, validates it, and then displays the results of the validation process. It creates the following output, though we have removed some of the repeated output here for clarity. You can run the example yourself to see the full results.
The percent symbol causes the number to be multiplied by 100 and displayed as a percentage. For example:
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