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LISTING 8-3 Visual Basic code for UDAs
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public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { // Existing code ... protected static string SubstituteDateAndTime(HttpContext c) { return "Request occurred at :" + DateTime.Now; } }
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improvise verbally. Whatever you plan to say in your strong ending here in Act III, make sure to make the appropriate updates in the notes area of the corresponding slides that you duplicated.
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response_to must perform several actions: 1. Accept the user s input. 2. Perform preprocessing substitutions, as described in the bot s data file. 3. Split the input into sentences and choose the most keyword-rich sentence. 4. Search for matches against the response phrase set keys. 5. Perform pronoun switching against the user input. 6. Pick a random phrase that matches (or a default phrase if there are no matches) and perform any substitutions of the user input into the result. 7. Return the completed output phrase. Let s look at each action in turn.
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35.2 Topics Beyond Construction
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D. Override the RenderChildren method of your control and be sure to call
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Service Broker
Combined Basic Formats for Shape, Fill, and Outlines
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
What, For Whom, How, and With What
In real life, we often don t get to everything on our list during the day. Interruptions and changes in priorities often cause us to leave for tomorrow what we meant to do today. When this happens with a task you created in Office Outlook 2007, the task is carried over to the next day automatically, without any action from you. The task will remain active on your To-Do Bar (and in your Task list and Calendar) until you mark it as completed.
Stop Workflow
Disallow: /forum/ # Don't spider anything in the index file
The words you choose and the way you communicate them makes a huge difference in the way your message is received. The text on your Office PowerPoint 2007 slides does more than simply flash a few headings or lists of bullet points; the text supports what you re saying with quick reminders for your audience members that increases their understanding and gives them phrases they can remember easily later.
In this example, we've used three different attributes. The Serializable attribute was placed on the same line as the target class declaration. The CLSCompliant and WebMethod attributes are both specified on two method declarations. For the first method, each attribute is on a separate line; for the second method, they are placed together in a single set of square brackets on a single line. Both approaches have the same effect.
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