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Here you can see the size (in bytes) of the file and the size (in bytes and percentages) of the various parts that make up the file . For this very small Program .cs application, the PE header and the metadata occupy the bulk of the file s size . In fact, the IL code occupies just 18 bytes . Of course, as an application grows, it will reuse most of its types and references to other types and assemblies, causing the metadata and header information to shrink considerably as compared to the overall size of the file . Note By the way, ILDasm .exe does have a bug in it that affects the file size information shown .
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The UseDeviceProfile option tells ASP .NET to determine whether the browser supports cookies based on the SupportsRedirectWithCookie property of the HttpBrowserCapabilities object set up for the request . Requests that flip this bit to true cause session identifier values to be passed as cookies . Requests that flip this bit to false cause session identifiers to be passed in the URL .
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As you create your Key Point (Lesson) slides, leave your headlines visible, but delete some of the puzzle pieces from the rst Key Point slide, Assemble the theory (upper right); delete more pieces from the second Key Point slide, Assemble the research, (lower left); and last delete all of the pieces from the third slide, Apply what you know (lower right). Create the rest of the slides from the headlines of the story template, using these Key Point slides to guide you and your students through the engaging experience of solving the DNA puzzle.
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Creating a Real Template
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accepting CGI Variables
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Figure 4-16. Adding a Console configuration
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In row 2 and column G, you ll recognize the standard auxiliary structures of the rS1 .Method; i .e ., number series, which in this case represent the respective distance from the cell named rD1.Node (cell J11) . OFFSET formulas use this node to determine all of the values that are required by the chart basis (Basis 1 worksheet) . This worksheet contains no other names . The values used to represent the margins of individual indicators and their corresponding industry averages are defined in rows 6 through 8 . These are calculated and input at the end of a fiscal year . The abbreviations denoting the indicator categories in row 9 are for information purposes only . The full names of the indicators in row 11 are defined as constants, as are the aforementioned short names .
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Here are the performance measures that I got for this query:
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Attempting to compile the code above causes the compiler to issue the following message: "error CS0460: Constraints for override and explicit interface implementation methods are inherited from the base method so cannot be specified directly." If we remove the two where lines from the Derived class s M<T3, T4> method,
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Finding and Organizing Files and Information
Lesson Review
The second part of this book consists of a detailed explanation of the syntax and features of the C# language. Java programmers will be comfortable with the majority of the C# syntax and keywords. Part II provides an exhaustive reference for each language feature and explains the differences from Java as required.
In addition to creating a single dependency on an entry in the ASP.NET Cache, you can also aggregate dependencies. For example, you can make a cache entry dependent on both a file and a SQL Server table. The following code snippet shows how to create a cache entry, named MyData, that is dependent on two different files:
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