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As well as being able to read data, FasterCSV lets you create data in CSV format. To do this, you must have the data you want to write in an array in the correct order. This example demonstrates how you can convert an array of hashes into CSV-formatted output: require 'rubygems' require 'fastercsv' people = [ {:name => "Fred", :age => 10, :gender => :male},
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672 ChAPTER 11
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From this test you learn that a SELECT INTO statement running in a database that is set to the FULL recovery model is fully logged. In fact, when the recovery model of the database is set to FULL, all insert methods perform full logging. In the following scenarios, I will show the results from Listing 10-2 under a variety of different circumstances: with a different database recovery model in place, with a trace ag turned on, or with changes to the sections of the code identi ed with the comments -- Preparation and -- Operation. The parts of Listing 10-2 that produce the logging information will stay the same, so in those scenarios where I change the code, I won t provide the entire listing I ll just provide the new Preparation and Operation code. When I do, I will assume that you are still running the full Listing 10-2 with replacement versions of these two sections. Scenario 2: SELECT INTO, Non-FULL Recovery To test the SELECT INTO statement in a database with a non-FULL recovery model, rst change the recovery model to SIMPLE by running the following code:
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29.1 Importance of the Integration Approach
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The PolyBezierSegment Object
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3. The Zoom settings play a major role during the development phase . Considerable progress has been made, when compared with earlier versions . On the right-hand side of the status bar, there is a slider for gradually increasing/decreasing the zoom settings between 10 percent and 400 percent . The slider s default position is 100 percent . This pleasant tool essentially makes the three command buttons in the Zoom group redundant . Their functions are as follows:
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r1.x = 5; // Pointer dereference v1.x = 5; // Changed on stack Console.WriteLine(r1.x); // Displays "5" Console.WriteLine(v1.x); // Also displays "5" // The left side of Figure 5-2 reflects the situation // after the lines above have executed. SomeRef r2 = r1; // Copies reference (pointer) only SomeVal v2 = v1; // Allocate on stack & copies members r1.x = 8; // Changes r1.x and r2.x v1.x = 9; // Changes v1.x, not v2.x Console.WriteLine(r1.x); // Displays "8" Console.WriteLine(r2.x); // Displays "8" Console.WriteLine(v1.x); // Displays "9" Console.WriteLine(v2.x); // Displays "5" // The right side of Figure 5-2 reflects the situation // after ALL of the lines above have executed. }
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Here as well, you can press the F9 key several times to simulate the reading of new data and evaluate the resulting impressions . To create such a chart, complete the following steps: 1. Select the data range D3:E15 and create a chart of the Bar of Pie type . (Ignore the fact that you aren t creating bars, but a stacked column .) 2. Specify a basic formatting using the integrated styles . 3. Select the data series and open its formatting dialog box . Under Series Options, specify the following:
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In this exercise, you create a website and configure it for debugging.
The previous errors are just a sampling of the issues caused by incorrect configuration of the Service Broker . Because this is the source of most problems, the Service Broker developers assembled the most common errors and wrote a debugging tool to scan the configuration tables of a Service Broker application and report any configuration issues . This tool is called ssbdiagnose .exe, and it ships with SQL Server 2008 . Ssbdiagnose has two modes of operation . In the CONFIGURATION mode, it looks through the configuration for specified conversations and reports on any missing or incorrect
Restoring from Backup
mirrors during slack times or during normally scheduled downtime. Balance this goal, however, with the equally important goal of providing redundancy and failure protection as expeditiously as possible.
This generates the following output:
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