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Integrating QR Code in visual C# Note The | symbol used in || is the pipe symbol, not the letter l or the number 1.

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Key Terms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-79
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Joins and Set Operations
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16. Database Connectivity try { // Insert three records into the "people" table sqlCmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO people (name,age,sex)" + " VALUES ('Bob', 32, 'male')"; sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); sqlCmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO people (name,age,sex)" + " VALUES ('Fred', 27, 'male')"; sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); sqlCmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO people (name,age,sex)" + " VALUES ('Betty', 43, 'female')"; sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); // Commit the transaction sqlTx.Commit(); } catch { // An exception has occurred, rollback the transaction sqlTx.Rollback(); } }
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If the download is an unsigned executable file, you see a second Security Warning dialog box, shown in Figure 27-5, when you attempt to run it.
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I m not terribly fond of any of the thread synchronization constructs that use kernel-mode primitives because all of these primitives exist to block a thread from running, and threads are just too expensive to create and not have them run . Here is an example that hopefully clarifies the problem . Imagine a Web site into which clients make requests . When a client request arrives, a thread pool thread starts processing the client s request . Let s say that this client wants to modify some data in the server in a thread-safe way, so it acquires a reader-writer lock for writing . Let s pretend that this lock is held for a long time . As the lock is held, another client request comes in, so that thread pool creates a new thread for the client request and then the thread blocks trying to acquire the reader-writer lock for reading . In fact, as more and more client requests come in, the thread pool creates more and more threads and all these threads are just blocking themselves on the lock . The server is spending all its time creating threads so that they can stop running! This server does not scale well at all . Then, to make matters worse, when the writer thread releases the lock, all the reader threads unblock simultaneously and get to run, but now there may be lots of threads trying to run on relatively few CPUs, so Windows is context switching between the threads constantly . The result is that the workload is not being processed as quickly as it could because of all the overhead associated with the context switches . If you look over all the constructs shown in this chapter, many of the problems that these constructs are trying to solve can be much better accomplished using the Task class discussed in 26 . Take the Barrier class, for example: You could spawn several Task objects to work on a phase and then, when all these tasks complete, you could continue with one or more other Task objects . Compared to many of the constructs shown in this chapter, tasks have many advantages:
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Schtasks /create /tn Quarterly wrap-up /tr c:\apps\qtrwrap.vbs /sc monthly /mo last /d fri /m mar,jun,sep,dec
ever, this event will not fire if the server is shut off unexpectedly or if the SessionState mode is not set to InProc.
Remote access policy conditions are one or more attributes that are compared to the settings of the connection attempt. If there are multiple conditions, all of the conditions must match the settings of the connection attempt in order for it to match the policy. For VPN connections, you commonly use the following condi tions:
instead of an identifier because the far endpoint might be in another database . If the dialog has been successfully established and a message has been received from the opposite endpoint, the far_broker_instance column will be filled with the GUID taken from the service_ broker_guid column of the sys.databases entry for the database where the remote endpoint is located . Together, these columns determine the two endpoints of the conversation . Notice that there is no information about the network address of either endpoint . This is to allow either endpoint to move to a different network location during the lifetime of a dialog without affecting message delivery . Moving active dialog endpoints is a very powerful feature that provides flexibility and resilience in a Service Broker network . The state and state_desc columns of the sys.conversation_endpoints view display the state of the conversation endpoint . The state column is a two-character abbreviation for the full state description given in the state_desc column . The full list of possible states and their meaning is given in SQL Books Online, but I ll highlight some of the more important states here:
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