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WHERE s.[name] = 'system_health' ORDER BY TargetName;
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As mentioned, the control doesn t provide any clue or support for building the final user interface. As a developer, you are entirely responsible for providing the user interface from A to Z.
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Con guring Backup
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Fulfilling Special Requirements
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FIGURE 9-5 Act I of The Plan presentation example.
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Figure 14-1. Customer order confirmation email 9. Check your supplier email for the stock check email (see Figure 14-2).
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Inspecting Your Document
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Proposition or Predicate
Interfaces serve the same purpose in C# as Java. There are some differences in the declaration syntax, but the primary difference is that constants cannot be declared within the context of a C# interface.
Part II:
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task scheduler by querying TaskScheduler s static FromCurrentSynchronizationContext method . Here is a simple Windows Forms application that demonstrates the use of the synchronization context task scheduler:
You can find more thorough coverage of the subject and more detailed explanations about the terms discussed here in Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Storage Engine (Microsoft Press, 2006) by Kalen Delaney.
When you are ready to go on, click Next again. This time you will see the Complete PC Restore program s equivalent of an informed consent statement. You don t have to sign anything, but you do have to select the check box labeled I Confirm That I Want To Erase All Existing Data And Restore The Backup. After you ve done that, the OK button will become available.
3 The plus sign (+) signals that the statement isn t complete.
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