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Registry Editor includes a number of time-saving keyboard shortcuts for navigating the registry. To move to the next subkey that starts with a particular letter, simply type that letter when the focus is in the left pane; in the right pane, use the same trick to jump to the next value that begins with that letter. To open a key (revealing its subkeys), press Right Arrow. To move up one level in the subkey hierarchy, press Left Arrow; a second press collapses the subkeys of the current key. To move to the top of the hierarchy (Computer), press Home. To quickly move between the left and right panes, use the Tab key. In the right pane, press F2 to rename a value, and press Enter to open that value and edit its data. Once you get the hang of using these keyboard shortcuts, you ll find it s usually easier to zip through the subkey hierarchy with a combination of arrow keys and letter keys than it is to open outline controls with the mouse.
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In the class constructor, we define a byte array that will be used to read data from the stream; since we are dealing with FileStream, we are limited to byte, rather than character, operations. The next step is to create the stream that will be used to read from the file. Notice that we use the constructor form, which explicitly enables asynchronous operations.
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Tested Skills and Suggested Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-2
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Nonsecurity Template Least Privilege Opportunities
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C09620245.fm Page 308 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 12:01 PM
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In C++, put the asterisk next to the variable name in pointer declarations or declare pointer types It s common to see pointer declarations that put the asterisk next to the type, as in Listing 31-53:
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Figure 8-35 A full doughnut that can easily become a half doughnut .
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In the Start IP address text box, type: In the End IP address text box, type: In the Number Of Addresses text box, do not change value of 2, and
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#warning TODO: Need to rework method to be more efficient #if (debug && release) #error Multiple build version symbols specified #endif
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Make sure Default.aspx is open in Design view in Visual Studio. From the Tools menu, select Generate Local Resource. This will create the App_LocalResources folder and the Default.aspx.resx file. In Solution Explorer, double-click Default.aspx.resx. For the LabelWelcomeResource1.Text value, type hello. For the PageResource1.Title value, type English (replace existing text). Close and save the Default.aspx.resx file. In Solution Explorer, right-click Default.aspx.resx, and then click Copy. Right-click App_ LocalResources and click Paste. Next, rename the new resource file Default.aspx.es.resx. Double-click Default.aspx.es.resx. For the LabelWelcomeResource1.Text value, type hola. For the PageResource1.Title value, type Espa ol. Then close and save the Default.aspx.es.resx file. Run your page in a web browser. Notice that the Label control displays Hello even though you never directly set the LabelWelcome.Text property to this value. (You can return to the markup on the page to see that the meta:resourcekey attribute of the control was set by Visual Studio.) Also notice that the page title (shown in the Internet Explorer title bar) displays English . In Internet Explorer, follow these steps:
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Java Example of a Commenting Style That s Hard to Maintain
at [+0x6a] [+0x2b] c:\junk\cruft\exceptapp\class1.cs:23 PARAM: this: 0x04a41b5c (ExceptApp.DoSomething) PARAM: class System.String i: 0x00000042 PARAM: int8 StrParam: 77863812 LOCAL: class System.String s: 0x04a45670 (System.String) LOCAL: value class ExceptApp.Days e: 0x003e5278 0x0012f63c
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5. On the Merging Profile Information page, click Next.
Lesson 1
There s a lot of confusion around choosing the appropriate type of temporary object for a given task, and there are many myths regarding the differences between temporary tables and table variables . Furthermore, temporary tables and table variables are often misused because of lack of knowledge of efficient set-based programming . In this chapter, I will try to provide you with a clear picture of how the different temporary object types behave, in which circumstances you should use each, and whether you should use them at all . At the end of the chapter, I ll provide a summary table (Table 7-1) that contrasts and compares the different types . This table covers the factors you should take into consideration before making your choice .
User certificate Windows 2000 and
Comparing Strings
Table 18-1 lists the media formats that Windows Movie Maker can import.
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