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that just draws data the way that you want it to. You define the items using the ItemTemplate, and because you are binding to data, this ItemTemplate is a DataTemplate. The DataTemplate in Silverlight is very powerful. It defines what the data you want is and how you want to present it. The preceding code example specifies that you want to render the data using a TextBlock with FontSize= 14 . The {Binding CityName} in the Text field denotes that you want to bind to the data and extract the CityName field from it to populate this TextBlock.
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Installing SSL-Enabled Apache
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indicating the breakpoints. To clear all breakpoints at once, click the red dot in the left margin. for ( i = 0 , m = 0 ; i < 10 ; i++ , m-- ) { } Quickly Breaking on Any Function The starting point for any advanced breakpoint is the Breakpoint dialog box, which is accessible by pressing Ctrl+B in the default keyboard mapping. This dialog box serves double duty as the New Breakpoint dialog box as well as the Breakpoint Properties dialog box. In many ways, the Breakpoint dialog box is simply a front end to the IntelliSense system. IntelliSense is extremely helpful for writing your code, but it's also used to help set breakpoints. There's an option for turning off IntelliSense to help verify breakpoints in the Options dialog box, Debugging folder, General property page, which can speed up mixed mode debugging, but I would highly recommend that you always leave the option Use IntelliSense To Verify Breakpoints checked on your systems. Also, you'll get IntelliSense breakpoints only when you have a project with source code open. By using IntelliSense, you get a very powerful breakpoint-setting feature that can save you a tremendous amount of time. In the midst of my debugging battles, if I know the name of the class and method I want to break on, I can type it directly into the Breakpoint dialog box, Function tab's Function edit control. I've looked over the shoulder of countless developers who know the name of the method but spend 20 minutes wandering all over the project opening files just so they can move the cursor to the line and press F9. Setting breakpoints like this has some limitations, but they aren't too onerous. The first is that the name is case sensitive if the language is case sensitive, as you would expect. (This is where Visual Basic .NET is especially nice!) Second, in native C++, it's sometimes not possible to set the breakpoint because the actual method name is hidden by a define. Finally, the language selected in the Language drop-down list in the Breakpoint dialog box must be the correct language for the code. Numerous things can happen when you try to set a breakpoint on a function using the Breakpoint dialog box. I want to go through the possible outcomes you'll see and explain how to work around any problems you might encounter. What you might want to do so that you can see the outcomes yourself is open up one of your projects or a project with this book's sample files and try to set a few breakpoints with the Breakpoint dialog box as I go through this discussion. The first case of quickly setting a breakpoint that I'll discuss is when you want to set the breakpoint on a class and method that exists. For example, I have a Visual Basic .NET class named MyThreadClass with a method named ThreadFunc. When I pop up the Breakpoint dialog box with Ctrl+B, all I have to type in is mythreadclass.threadfunc (remember Visual Basic .NET is a case-insensitive language) and click OK. For Visual Basic .NET, J#, and C#, you separate the class and the method name with a period. For native C++, you separate the class and the method name with the language-specific double colons (::). Interestingly, for managed C++, you have to prefix the expression with MC:: to get the expression parse correctly. Assuming the same class and method name from the Visual Basic .NET example were in managed C++, you'd have to enter MC::MyThreadClass::ThreadFunc. Figure 5-1 shows the filled-out Breakpoint dialog box using the Visual Basic .NET example. If you aren't currently debugging when you set the breakpoint, the breakpoint dot appears in the margin, but the red highlight doesn't appear on the Public Sub ThreadFunc because the breakpoint still has to be resolved. Once you start debugging, Public Sub ThreadFunc is highlighted in red. If you're 196
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Configure the VPN server with an on-subnet address range by obtaining IP
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switch ( InputVar ) { case "A": if ( test ) { // statement 1 // statement 2 case "B": // statement 3 // statement 4 ... } ... break; ... }
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sourceforge.net: SourceForge.net is the world s largest repository of open source projects. Many but not all of the projects are Java-based. Many of the hosted projects are stable, production-quality projects, but even more of them are still in the planning or early development stage. java.net: This site is the realization of a vision of a diverse group of engineers, researchers, technologists, and evangelists at Sun Microsystems to provide a common area for interesting conversations and innovative development projects related to Java technology. The community continues to grow, with industry associations, software vendors, universities, and individual developers and hobbyists joining every day. As they meet, share ideas, and use the site s collaboration tools, the communities they form will uncover synergies and create new solutions that render Java technology even more valuable. codehaus.org: Codehaus is an open source community that caters to projects which are not under the GPL or other business-hostile licenses. Projects such as Middlegen, XDoclet2 and Drools are making Codehaus their home. tigris.org: This site is a mid-sized open source community focused on building better tools for collaborative software development. gjt.org: Giant Java Tree is a collection of unrelated Java packages. objectweb.org: ObjectWeb.org hosts open source middleware projects and adaptable components.
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Figure 17-2 shows the options available in a gallery containing a large collection of photos. Thumb-
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When Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS) is used for authentication, the calling router submits a Router (Offline request) user certificate and the authenticating server (the answering router or the RADIUS server) submits a computer certificate. Verify that the calling router and answering router are correctly configured. To do this, use the following steps: 1. On the calling router, verify that EAP is configured as the authentication pro tocol in the advanced security properties of the demand-dial interface. Verify the settings of the properties of the Smart Card Or Other Certificate (encryp tion-enabled) EAP type. Verify that the correct Router (Offline request) certif icate is selected when configuring the credentials of the demand-dial interface.
When implementing your own methods, you should throw an exception when the method cannot complete its task as indicated by its name . When you want to throw an exception, there are two issues that you really need to think about and consider . The first issue is about deciding what Exception-derived type are you going to throw . You really want to select a type that is meaningful here . Consider the code that is higher up the call stack and how that code might want to determine that a method failed in order to execute some graceful recovery code . You can use a type that is already defined in the FCL, but there may not be one in the FCL that matches your exact semantics . So you ll probably need to define your own type, ultimately derived from System.Exception . If you want to define an exception type hierarchy, it is highly recommended that the hierarchy be shallow and wide in order to create as few base classes as possible . The reason is that base classes act as a way of treating lots of errors as one error, and this is usually dangerous . Along these lines, you should never throw a System.Exception object,3 and you should use extreme caution if you throw any other base class exception type .
Coverage Monitors
Changes to NTFS Permissions in Windows Vista
There is a significant difference between the Display Estimated Execution Plan and Include Actual Execution Plan options. If you select the former, a picture showing the graphical showplan of the query or batch in the query window is shown almost immediately (with the speed depending on the compilation time and whether the plan is already cached or not) under the Execution Plan tab in the result portion of SSMS, as shown in Figure 2-9 .
public WeakReference(Object target); public WeakReference(Object target, Boolean trackResurrection);
Source IP address of the VPN server s perimeter network interface and IP
Personas are descriptions of fictional people used to represent customer segments and the way these customers use our products. By using personas, teams can focus on designing and developing the right set of features to support these users. At Microsoft, most product teams identify and create user personas early in the product cycle and refer to these personas throughout the entire life of the product. Product teams might create three to five (or more) personas for their product, but many personas span all Microsoft products. More than 10 personas were created for helping teams gain a better understanding of how customers with specific types of disabilities use computers and how they might interact with software. For example, the persona for a blind user includes information on the person's usage of screen readers (screen readers cannot read text in bitmaps and in some custom controls) and expected navigation features. Similarly, the persona for users who are deaf or hard of hearing helps the engineering team remember that sounds should be customizable, volume should be adjustable, and that alternative options might need to be supplied for caller ID or voice mail features. Mousetrap I'm one of those computer users who favors the keyboard over the mouse for nearly every task. For me, shortcut keys aren't an accessibility feature; they are a productivity feature. I'm just faster if I can keep my hands on the keyboard.
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