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Webpage Style Sheet Script Data Image Silverlight
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17. Unusual Control Structures
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Multi-Role Servers
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pressed. Strictly speaking, though, you don t need a remote control to use Media Center functions. You can simulate the experience on a PC keyboard by using the arrow keys to go up, down, right, and left, and by pressing the spacebar or clicking the left mouse button to simulate a press of the OK button on the remote control. Figure 19-2 shows the Media Center Start page.
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3. Overridable behavior 4. A contract should be de ned and validated The rst rule Needs to be self-contained, means that all the necessary steps to perform the desired actions are captured in the de ned script. This does not mean that the script cannot make assumptions (these are covered by rule #4), but it does mean that the tool s build script cannot modify values of the calling build script. For example, if you have a build script for public use that de nes how to invoke FxCop, then the FxCop script le should not change the value for the BuildDependsOn property even though this is tempting. Instead, the importing build script should place the FxCop target(s) into that property. The second consideration, Process needs to be transparent and extensible to the consumer, means that the entire process needs to be able to be modi ed to suit the needs of the caller. For example, similar to the Microsoft.Common.targets, target dependency lists should be exposed as properties so consumers can extend them to inject their own targets. For example, the Microsoft.Common.targets contains properties such as BuildDependsOn, CompileDependsOn, ResolveReferencesDependsOn, PrepareResourceNamesDependsOn, and many others. By exposing such properties, callers can easily change the process of the script itself. There are a few weak points in the technique, which are outlined as follows. 1. The target must explicitly de ne its DependsOnTargets value in a property. 2. If the property is carelessly overwritten, unexpected results will occur. 3. You can only prepend or append; you cannot inject a step in the middle. Because of these limitations, this solution is not ideal either, but it is better than any other option currently available. You ll be happy to know that with MSBuild 4.0 all of these limitations will be lifted with a new construct. The third rule, Overridable behavior, is for the most part built into MSBuild. This is because every target that is imported into a le can be overridden by simply redeclaring that target at some point after the Import statement that initially de nes it. Because of this, you should be wary of creating MSBuild scripts that have targets with an excessive number of task invocations. Just as when you write code, when your targets grow too large, then they should be refactored. Now we can move on to the nal guideline, A contract should be de ned and validated. Of all the rules, this is the one that is most interesting. Thinking in terms of .NET there are interfaces, and in WCF there is an OperationContract. Unfortunately, MSBuild doesn t have a clear method of de ning a contract between a consumer and a provider. Despite this limitation, we need a way to declare an agreement between these two parties, and that agreement should be validated. In reusable .targets les, the data are always provided by the caller and the essential behavior is always described by the callee. Because the callee needs to know what data to act upon, the correct properties and items need to be made available to it. Also, the validation logic can be placed inside a target, which is called before the essential actions are performed. If you are validating static items, then you can place these validation
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If you d like, you can register one or more methods to be invoked when a CancellationTokenSource is canceled . However, you register each callback method using CancellationToken s Register method . To this method, you pass an Action<Object> delegate, a state value that will be passed to the callback via the delegate, and a Boolean indicating whether or not to invoke the delegate using the calling thread s SynchronizationContext . If you pass false for the useSynchronizationContext parameter, then the thread that calls Cancel will invoke all the registered methods sequentially . If you pass true for the useSynchronizationContext parameter, then the callbacks are sent (as opposed to posted) to the captured SynchronizationContext object which governs which thread invokes the callback . The SynchronizationContext class is discussed more in the Applications and Their Threading Models section in 27 .
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Recoering From a Computer Crash
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Using the GeometryGroup Object
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Cannot Customize
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The Windows SuperFetch feature takes advantage of low-priority I/O requests .
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3. c.
Once a CountdownEvent s CurrentCount reaches 0, it cannot be changed . The AddCount method throws InvalidOperationException when CurrentCount is 0, while the TryAddCount method simply returns false if CurrentCount is 0 .
Creating an Extensive Client-Side Web Control
FIGURE 11-1 Build Agent Properties Communications Port
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As we noted earlier, the connection between Windows Media Player and the Web works both ways. When you connect to a streaming media file or update your digital music collection with information from an online database, you run the risk that someone, somewhere will connect your computer and by extension, you with the content you re viewing. Voluntarily surrendering some personally identifiable information is part of the price you pay for certain transactions. In those cases, you have to decide whether you trust the company you re about to do business with to safeguard your personal information.
Rows are scanned within the index, starting with the head of the linked list and moving forward in an ordered fashion. The Top operator stops the scan as soon as the requested number of rows is accessed.
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