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To delete a GPO, right-click it in the Group Policy Management console and select Delete. When you delete a GPO, all links to the GPO will also be deleted. Be sure that you are logged on with an account that has suf cient permissions. Neither the Default Domain Policy nor the Default Domain Controllers Policy can be deleted.
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Lesson 2
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Lesson 3: Implementing jQuery
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object (GPO). The GPO is what we work with directly. The GPO contains all the settings that can apply to users and computers. When those settings are changed, the changes are made to the GPO. The two components of the GPO exist in different places. The GPC is the Active Directory component of the GPO and includes subcontainers with version information, status information, and a list of which Group Policy extensions are employed in the GPO. It also contains some information used by clients, such as the software installation policy. The GPT is a set of les in the SYSVOL folder on the server. When you create a GPO, the corresponding GPT folder structure is created automatically. The actual name of the folder for the GPT is the globally unique identi er (GUID) for the GPO a num-
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Dim cursorX As Integer Dim cursorY As Integer " horizontal cursor position; ranges from 1..MaxCols " vertical cursor position; ranges from 1..MaxRows " length of antenna in meters; range is >= 2 " strength of signal in kilowatts; range is >= 1 " ASCII character code; ranges from 0..255 " size of character in points; ranges from 4..127
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Now when the page is loaded, it registers itself with the browser bridge. There s one more change to make to open the .NET code to JavaScript: You must attribute the functions that you want to allow access to by using the [ScriptableMember] attribute. This protects your code from unwanted JavaScript probing. You want to expose the upDateCities function, so attribute it like this:
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Defining the Control s Appearance
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When you re ready to synchronize your offline data, save the file locally and then click the Synchronize button on the List toolbar. If your synchronization causes a conflict because it includes changes to a data element that another user has already changed, the Resolve Conflicts and Errors dialog box opens, shown in Figure 3-10 (see 2 for more information about synchronization).
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This subtle difference is certain to cause frustration for Java developers when they first begin the transition to C# development.
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Custid ----------5 9 20 24 34 35 37 38 39 41 46 47 48 51 55 63 65 71 80 83 84 87 89
Additional Uses for Kerberos Tools
Each data source control is used in a similar manner. You can drag the control onto your webpage from the Toolbox in Visual Studio. You can then use the Configure Data Source Wizard to connect to your data and generate markup for the data source control. Connecting to data with markup (instead of code) is referred to as declarative data binding, because you are declaring your data access rather than writing ADO.NET code. Figure 12-2 shows the step for selecting data in this wizard. This wizard creates the declarative markup used to define the data source connection information. This markup can contain connection information, data manipulation statements (such as SQL), and more. The following shows an example of the SqlDataSource control s markup for connecting to the Products table in the Northwind database.
This defines a number of helper functions and objects, including the following: application Points to the current application (simply abbreviating Application.current) root Points to the root visual, namely, the top-level element in the XAML
If possible, use Windows Vista for both novice and expert. Its version of Remote Assistance incorporates a number of performance enhancements compared to the version included in Windows XP, but most of these improvements are effective only when both computers are running Windows Vista. Close any unnecessary applications on the novice machine.
Mixed Chart Types
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