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private void SomeMethod() { try { ... } catch (Exception e) { ... throw e; // CLR thinks this is where exception originated. // FxCop reports this as an error } }
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Lesson 1: Creating User Controls
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You need to make sure this HTML code gets added to each product, so you ll have Add to Cart buttons for each product. To do this, you must modify the products_list.tpl file. Next, you ll add the View Cart button somewhere on index.tpl, so it will be accessible at any time for the visitor. The View Cart button can be generated using a similar structure. An alternative way to generate the Add to Cart and View Cart links is to use links such as the following, instead of forms as shown earlier: cmd=_cart&business=your_email_address& item_name=Black Puritan Hat&amount=74.99&amount=74.99¤cy=USD&add=1&
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Task inputs and outputs are the only means by which a project le can communicate with a task. This is by design, so that it is easy to see what information is passed into and out of the task by reading the project le. When you create values that can be passed into and out of tasks, there are a variety of types that are supported. Since XML is the representation that all MSBuild scripts are stored in, all values must be able to be converted to and from a string. As mentioned in 2, MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 1, there are fundamentally two types of values that are supported by MSBuild: scalar values and vector values. For vector values an array of acceptable scalar types is allowed. Table 4-4 summarizes what types are supported to be passed through MSBuild tasks.
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Now that the sequence table is in place, I ll describe how you get a single sequence value or a block of consecutive sequence values at once. Single Sequence Value To get a single sequence value, you increment the sequence value by 1 and return the resulting value. You can achieve this by beginning a transaction, modifying the sequence value, and then retrieving it. Or you can both increment and retrieve the new sequence value in a single atomic operation using a specialized UPDATE syntax. Run the following code to create a stored procedure that uses the specialized T-SQL UPDATE syntax, increments the sequence value, and returns the new value as an output parameter:
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Parameters can be of any value or reference type, but it is not valid to use the ref or out modifier. Multiple indexers can be defined for a single class. Given that all indexers are declared using the this keyword, additional indexers must be differentiated with different parameter types. The following example demonstrates the declaration of an indexer:
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AttributeValidatorFactory attrFactory = EnterpriseLibraryContainer.Current.GetInstance<AttributeValidatorFactory>(); Validator<Product> pValidator = attrFactory.CreateValidator<Product>(); ValidationResults valResults = pValidator.Validate(myProduct);
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Notice that this text is almost identical to the text in HelloWorld .aspx (without the Page directive: <%@ Page Language= C# %>) . In this case, you can see that the pageprocessing logic is fairly simple . That is, the ASP .NET runtime is simply spitting out the text within the file . The Page directive appearing at the top of the code is used by the ASP .NET runtime as it compiles the code . The Page directive shown earlier is fairly simple it tells the runtime to compile this code and base it on the Page class and to treat any code syntax it encounters as C# code . ASP .NET supports integrating .aspx files with assemblies, which you see shortly .
If you re an executive, your column headings might be Summary, Breakdown, and Backup:
Calling a Web Service from Client Script by Using AJAX
internal sealed class GenericType<T> { private T m_value; public GenericType(T value) { m_value = value; } public TOutput Converter<TOutput>() { TOutput result = (TOutput) Convert.ChangeType(m_value, typeof(TOutput)); return result; } }
Table 5-3. Common Oracle Text Functions
Suggested Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 157
For dynamic models that are used for presentations in front of an audience, the control of attention is a very important component . Everything must be flexible here, the viewer s attention should be attracted by different things and even more important should be caught there for a while . A relatively eye-catching screen element changes its position and remains at the new position until you define another position for it . This effect is hard to achieve with strange-looking pointers but rather easy with a visual alert that is located anywhere in the object and whose position can be changed . To the most effective elements of that kind belong moving lines running either horizontal or vertical or both with an eye-catching but not overpowering format and optional markers at both ends in order to more clearly differentiate them from normal lines of the value visualizations . In many cases, such lines also serve to display a value range with their length, width, or distance to each other, for example, providing bandwidth information . Two relevant real-life examples are described below . First, I ll share basic technical information on this design variant .
Design Point: PPTP or L2TP/IPSec
XML Encryption
using System; using System.IO; public static class Program { public static void Main() { // Create the bytes to write to the temporary file. Byte[] bytesToWrite = new Byte[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; // Create the temporary file. FileStream fs = new FileStream("Temp.dat", FileMode.Create); // Write the bytes to the temporary file. fs.Write(bytesToWrite, 0, bytesToWrite.Length); // Explicitly close the file when finished writing to it. fs.Dispose(); // Delete the temporary file. File.Delete("Temp.dat"); // This always works now. } }
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