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After the credentials submitted with the remote access connection are authenticated, the connection must be authorized. Remote access authorization consists of two steps: first, verification of the dial-in properties of the user account submitted by the dial-up connection, and second, application of the first matching remote access policy listed in the Routing And Remote Access console.
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We were all shocked we knew that the credit card number encryption would add some overhead, but not to this degree. Fixing this bug would mean a complete rewrite of the batch job that would certainly cause us to slip out the next major release by several weeks. Just then someone, and I really can't remember who, said, "Why don't we just charge customers once a week. I mean if they were supposed to pay us on June 1st and we wait until June 6th, who's going to care I know we'll lose interest for Microsoft, but at least the customers will be happy." This really did seem like a brilliant idea. We were only nine months away from the next major release, so the batch job could wait until then. We did decide to add a metric to our QoS scorecard for billing batch job time to completion with a goal of less than 168 hours because that would be more than seven days and that was just unacceptable. Two months later, we all got together for the monthly QoS review. We had Dev, Test, PM, and Operations in the room. The call center team was on the speakerphone; they always seemed more comfortable on the phone than actually being in the room for a meeting. Each team began by going over their section of the scorecard. The product team called out that they'd fixed 15 bugs this month and that page load time for the signup pages had improved by 200 percent. We all felt that would surely have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Next, operations presented. Zach went through the numbers on availability and ticket volume. He got to his last metric, which was billing batch job completion time. "The batch job is starting to take longer, but we are still under 130 hours. At the rate customers are being added to the system, we could exceed our one week max in about a year." Everyone was actually pleased by this news because we were well on track to have the next major version out long before we ran out of buffer time. The call center team started their presentation by going over call volume and time to resolution. When they got to call by category, we had a new number one category with the temporary name of "you bounced my check." The call center team didn't know quite what to do because customers were calling in and blaming us for overdraft charges on their bank accounts. "This doesn't make sense," Chris said. "We only take credit cards, so we can't cause checks to bounce." Bharat leaned forward and spoke up so that those on the phone could hear him, "I could see us impacting bank accounts. I don't know about all of you, but when I signed up for my test account I used the credit card number from my bank ATM card." Bharat was right. People were just starting to use ATM cards as substitutes for credit cards. This still didn't explain why they were blaming us for overdraft charges. Brett asked, "Are they saying we're overcharging them " "No," said the voice on the phone, "they are saying we are taking money out of their accounts and either causing them to bounce checks, or when we do take the money, they don't have the funds in the account." Most of us in the room were starting to realize what was going on, but it was Ben that first said, "It's the batch job!" Yes, many of our customers had grown used to us taking payments on a specific day of the month. After that, any remaining funds they could spend as they liked. We realized we could not wait to fix the batch job. If not for the QoS process, we would not have had all of these teams and data in the room and would not have been able to realize how a bad design and a bad decision were leading to customer
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QueueUser WorkItem
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Cookie Encryption/Decryption (Web Server, Browser Scenario) The Web application server has a certi cate that it uses to ensure con dentiality of the session cookie created to cache the token claims for the whole user session.
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EXEC InsideTSQL2008.dbo.sp_pivot @query = N'Sales.Orders', @on_rows = N'empid, YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear', @on_cols = N'MONTH(OrderDate)', @agg_func = N'COUNT', @agg_col = N'*';
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Selecting a Font
The DataSourceMode attribute is used to define how the SqlDataSource control should retrieve your data. You have two options: DataSet and DataReader. The former connects to the database and returns all records as a DataSet instance. It then closes the database connection before continuing to process the page. The latter, DataReader, keeps an open connection to the database while it reads each row into the data source control. The following markup shows an example of connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition database by first reading the connection string from the Web.config file. It uses a textbased SQL statement and a DataReader. It then binds the data source to a GridView control for display.
Since you can add a conditional attribute to any MSBuild element (excluding the Otherwise element), this means that we can decide to include entries in items as necessary. For example, when building ASP.NET applications, in some scenarios you might want to include les that will assist debugging. Take a look at the MSBuild le, ConditionExample01.proj:
Follow the steps of the exercise to create the product table in your database.
Figure 3 7. Application design.
interface in HTML, you can rapidly prototype and control your presentation using CSS with simple scripts using JavaScript, while leveraging native performance and features using C++.
Adding more VPN ports
Con guring SBS in Hyper-V
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