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Figure 3-11
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Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
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sure to do any rebasing before you sign a DLL. If you rebase a DLL after it's been signed, that DLL won't load. Table 2-1 shows a table from the Visual Studio .NET documentation for rebasing your DLLs. As you can see, the recommended format is to use an alphabetical scheme. I generally follow this scheme because it's simple. The operating system DLLs load from 0x70000000 to 0x78000000, so using the range in Table 2-1 will keep you from conflicting with the operating system. Of course, you should always look in your application's address space by using Process Explorer or ProcessSpy to see whether any DLLs are already loaded at the address you want to use.
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You can use a custom configuration to prompt the user for information that will be stored in the registry or in another unusual location.
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So much for the structural components of the 0701_Indicators_01.xlsx workbook, referred to below as variant 1 and as the basic model . Before we examine this in more detail, there are a few key points to share about the difference between the basic model and the
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is considered a Microsoft platform even if your Silverlight application is running in a non-Microsoft operating system . And, my Power Threading library does have a version of this class for Silverlight as well as the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework .
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Opportunity (system)
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[Serializable, StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)] public struct Nullable<T> where T : struct { // These 2 fields represent the state private Boolean hasValue = false; // Assume null internal T value = default(T); // Assume all bits zero
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Contains licensing information about Microsoft Office Web Components. Negates the last action taken. Can be used multiple times. Moves and copies contents of cells or groups of cells. Enters a SUM formula in the active cell for values above or to the left. Sorts the column that contains that active cell in A Z or 1 9 order. Click the down arrow on the button to select another column to sort by. Sorts the column that contains that active cell in Z A or 9 1 order. Click the down arrow on the button to select another column to sort by. Activates AutoFilter buttons to filter data in the columns. If the workbook is connected to another data source, this retrieves the current data (see Connecting Web Parts to Data later in this chapter). Exports the workbook to Microsoft Excel. Opens the Commands and Options dialog box for formatting, modifying formulas, searching, and setting sheet options. Opens Microsoft Office 2003 Spreadsheet Component Help.
Part I:
Figure 31-8 Settings related to the IP addresses for the rule are applied on the Scope tab.
Let s walk through an example of adding a custom button to the contact form ribbon. In this example, we want to duplicate the Phone Call button from the Add tab of the Contact ribbon and move it to the main Contact tab in the ribbon. Figure 12-17 shows the final placement of the new button.
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