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21 Tuning Up and Monitoring Performance
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Remote Access VPN Components and Design Points |
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No Multiple Inheritance
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MyColor yellow = red + green; System.Console.WriteLine("RGB of yellow={0},{1},{2}", yellow.red, yellow.green, yellow.blue); } } This isn t a terribly useful example of operator overloading; it simply illustrates how overloading is done. In this example, the plus sign (+) operator is overloaded for the MyColor class. Here, the MyColor instance c1 is the instance to the left of the plus sign, and the instance c2 is the instance to the right of the plus sign. The following rules of thumb apply to operator overloading : Do supply standard math operators (+, , * and /) for all classes that represent numbers. The classic example is a complex number class. Do supply overloaded operators to do things folks will expect. For example, providing an equality operator for strings is a no-brainer. Do remember the audience s expectations that some operators (such as + and , * and /) are opposites. Overloaded operators should have opposite effects. Don t violate people s expectations of what an operator will do. Making an overloaded plus sign (+) operator subtract is an easy example of a bad idea, but confusion can be subtler as well. For example, what should the increment operator do to the string Hi there Should it be i there How about Ij!uidsd (Each character has its ASCII value increased by 1.) If it s not obvious what an operator should do, don t create one. Don t overload an operator to modify data where the operator for native types doesn t do so. For example, don t overload a comparison operator such as the equality operator (==) so that it modifies either side of the equality test. Do create a method that will allow users of .NET languages that don t work with operator overloading to get the same functionality.
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Contains request data for request errors The base class for creating audit (security) events Raised when a successful security operation occurs for your application Used to provide information when a successful user authentication occurs on the site Raised when a failed security operation occurs Used to provide information when a failed attempt at user authentication occurs on the site Raised when the view state fails to load (typically as a result of tampering)
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When version 3.0 of ASP was released along with Windows 2000, it became clearer that the future of software development was closely tied to the future of the Web. As part of its .NET initiative, Microsoft has introduced ASP.NET, a new version of ASP that retains the model of development ASP developers have come to know and love: you can create the code and place it in the correct directory with the proper permissions, and it will just work. ASP.NET also introduces innovations that allow easier separation of the development of the core of an application and its presentation. ASP.NET adds many features to and enhances many of the capabilities in classic ASP. ASP.NET isn t merely an incremental improvement to ASP; it s really a completely new product, albeit a new product designed to allow the same development experience that ASP developers have enjoyed. Here are some of the notable features of ASP.NET: .NET Framework The .NET Framework is an architecture that makes it easier to design Web and traditional applications. ( 2 provides an overview of the .NET Framework.) Common language runtime The common language runtime provides a set of services for all ASP.NET languages. If you re an ASP developer who has had to combine ASP scripting with COM objects, you ll appreciate the beauty of a common set of types across many languages. (The common language runtime is discussed in 2.) Compiled languages ASP.NET provides enhanced performance through the use of compiled languages. Compiled languages allow the developer to verify that code is at least syntactically correct. ASP doesn t provide any such facility, so simple syntax errors might not be caught until the first time the code is executed. ( 2 describes the compilation process and managed code.) Cool new languages Visual Basic .NET is a completely new version of Visual Basic that provides a new, cleaner syntax. C# (pronounced C sharp ) is a new language designed to look and feel a lot like C++, but without some of the unsafe features that make C++ difficult to use to create reliable applications. These two languages are available out of the box, but other languages will be available from third parties as well. As of this writing, COBOL and Eiffel implementations should be available for Visual Studio .NET as well. (Visual Basic .NET and C# are discussed in s 3 and 4.) Visual Studio .NET Visual Studio .NET is a cool new development environment that brings rapid application development (RAD) to the server. (Visual Studio .NET is introduced in 4.) Improved components The .NET Framework supports the use of new types of components that can be conveniently replaced in a running application. (Creating components for ASP.NET is discussed in s 6 and 7.) Web Forms Web Forms allow Visual Basic like development, with event handlers for common HTML widgets. (Web Forms are discussed in 5.) XML Web services XML Web services enable developers to create services and then make them available using industry standard protocols. (Web services are discussed in 10.) ADO.NET ADO for the .NET Framework is a new version of the technology that allows ASP.NET applications to more conveniently get at data residing in relational databases and in other formats, such as Extensible Markup Language (XML.) (XML and ADO.NET are discussed in s 8 and 9.)
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Configuring Complex Rules
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